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Last day today :)
Doing a presentation on one of the Buckwheat.  See the great nutrition info and some recipes that I implemented during this last Thanksgiving (Gluten Free and Casein Free by the way :) )   My presentation is on the very bottom and is called Buckwheat Thanksgiving.   http://www.ncnm.edu/scholarships/bob-red-mill-cup/bob-red-mill-cup-videos-2013.php   If you like it - can you please vote for me?   TIA!   PS.  The instructions say that you *have* to...
Quote: Originally Posted by msiddiqi Ok, part of my resolution is to get some sleep and not get so addicted to the quiet in my house late at night. So I'm off to bed Sweet dreams Things will be getting better. And better. And better. Your little one will adjust to having a sibling around (your description of how is trying to get your attention now seems to me like he is trying to mimic a baby - babies get attention by crying, why...
I am trying to send you a PM
Quote: Originally Posted by TanyaLopez I would have gotten my amalgam fillings replaced with composite. Quote: Originally Posted by columbusmomma Not smoking: Those two
How long have you tried acidophilus ? Sometimes it takes weeks to see any benefit at all. At first it may even seem to make it worse. Also the combination probiotic is usually better than just acidophilus. Do your kids have sugar in their diet? Sugar will promote candida/leaky gut. I know when kids have been introduced to sugar it's hard to stop them from having it.
Have you tried any herbal remedy? Vitex berry is good for balancing hormones. St. John's Wort, Black Cohosh and Evening Primrose Oil are helpful in relieving PMS related mood swings
Quote: Originally Posted by Jacksmum8 Sauerkraut is a great source of acidopholis, I hear it has even more cultures than yogourt. There are some natural brands you can get at health food stores that don't have all the additives. HTH Cool. I make my own, so I *know* there are no additives Quote: Originally Posted by kpb p.s. I LOVE your signature, OP.... that's utterly how I feel... !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!
I am dairy free and would like to have something natural to repopulate my gut flora. Would femented veggies (sourkraut, pickled tomatoes) be enough, or do I need to "resort" to pills?
On MDC? I searched and nothing came up which surprised me. Anyone knows?
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