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I think we are dealing with it here, first baby for me to have it. Gabriel has had the bum rash and I think I am starting to feel it in my nipples. I am going to try the GSE and I am treating his bottom with canestan and Dr. Newman's cream (which is ouch, expensive, the midwife didn't warn us). Thank you Nighten for all your very helpful information! Do you think instead of using distilled water with the GSE treatment I can use boiled? Otherwise I will have to start...
I had a dream last night I got pregnant again right away and had a baby less than a year later. Yikes: Gabriel is doing really well, probably his biggest issue is some diaper rash that won't go away. I think he has really really sensitive skin. My husband is like that too. Anyways I haven't made the leap over to cloth yet because I just have fitteds and prefolds for the newborn stage and I'm scared of the wet but he probably needs to get out of the pampers. Dh is...
Wow, wow wow , Q of C, that's amazing! Earlier than you expected too wasn't it? Congratulations on baby's arrival!! ::
He arrived this morning at 5:11 after labour started around 1 am. He was born at home and his big sister and brother got to cuddle him right away once they woke up. Things couldn't have gone smoother but I am so glad he is here and we are very in love with our Valentine's baby! Oh yes, today was his due date!
Congratulations Kim! :: He sounds wonderful, can't wait to see pics and hear the story!
Lots of downward pressure and occasional cervical twitches etc here the last couple of days. Never had that with the previous two. I'm thinking this baby wants to come soon but my current state of nerves and nasty cold aren't helping things I think. Luckily we seem to be on the mend today and my new bedroom suite arrived and is set up so maybe I will start to relax soon. I also purchased a waterproof pul mattress cover as that was bothering me too. Starting to getting...
Thanks for the responses! Yesterday I was feeling calmer, but my little guy is still really sick today and I am so stuffed up myself that I'm back to being nervous. I don't think I'm too far off, getting crampy type bowel movements (sorry TMI) etc but then I start getting nervous again too. I'm sure I'll get to the stage where I just want it over with but I'd rather be cuddling my newborn when I'm healthier and can at least smell lol.
I have a super bad flu right now as well as my two kids and I am just dreading the thought of labour in the next week or so and then postpartum recovery and just feeling CRAPPY and not normal for weeks. I always get a good case of nerves before labour (they have all been uncomplicated, simple deliveries, last one at home) but yet I can't calm the nerves. I can't get excited about the baby right now because I am too worried about labour. I keep reading about everyone...
Still here, due on the 14th! Hoping this week might be it. My mom is coming and what with the full moon and everything you never know! My first was on her due date and my second was 6 days early. Nevertheless hanging in there fine!
Oh Congrats! :: Sounds like things went really fast, I hope my third is the same way.
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