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I have been drinking a qt of raspberry leave tea for about 2-3 months now.
Is it round ligamnet pains. they are sort of above you hip bone and hold your uterus up. If it is that I have got them horrible with my last two pregnancies. I started getting them with this one about 3 months ago and they have just got worse. I don't think there is anything you can do about it. The pain is horrific though. I get them a lot at night if I roll a certain way or move to quick. They hurt so bad that I can't even move to get out of the position. I'm like a big...
I got my gift today! It is a gourgeous sleep sack. You must have read my mind I was just looking at the Grembo sleep slacks in the new issue of mothering.You did a really great job making it. I wish I was crafty like that. As soon as I get a new camera I will take a picture, hopefully with a new little baby in it.
yuo got to show us pics of how you carried your other girls too. I have no clue but our bellies look exactly the same. lol Same shape same size!
I must have a BH every hour at least.I can't imagine why your dr. would even think of putting you on bedrest for that. I also have bh's every time my midwife touches my belly. I was also almost 2 cm dilated for the last month of my pregnancy with my last two kids. Why do you need meds? I didn't get that part.
I think that was it then I don't know where I got the idea that it would be flat from. It was probally just a little thinner than a fat marker.I just wanted to know what it feels like now so that when I go into labor I can figure out how dilated I am.
Oh I am 36 weeks pregnant if that makes a difference
What does your cervix feel like? Ihave been trying to find my cervix but I have never found anything i even thought was my cervix. LAst night I think I may have found it. lol I always thought it would be something hard my fingers would bump into but what I felt stuck out a bit (like maybe the lenght of a pencil tip) and was soft nad squishy. COuld that be my cervix or is there something else in there
I grew up in southestern MA and I would have to say breastfeeding is not the norm there. I never had anything said to me about nursing but I only know of tow other people who ursed out of my whole family and my friends. One of those people diodn't nurse her first and neither did I. I wanted to but gave up much too easy. I got zero support at the hospital I gave birth in or at WIC. The Wic office I went to in New Bedford MA was also very pro-formula. I mean they have the...
What is the ingrediant?
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