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First of all, in this area, peds do more circumcisions than OBs.   Second of all, being familiar with this case (and anti-circ,) I find the inferences offensive and trivializing.
It is a lot more than tying shoes or wiping noses. Their buddy system, fame and money seeking, and a lot of their other practices are disgusting. I don't think anything should be illegal though.
  Exactly. Totally ridiculous and such b.s. My babies were off the chart for weight as babies. Eventually they fell. Now they are at and below the 50th percentile. I would hope they would not stay off the charts for weight forever.   FIBJ, you are clearly uninformed on breastfed infant and toddler growth.  
I don't care. I think I want a pair for the cottage though. They are convenient for wearing in the lake.
Quote: Originally Posted by meemee i dont like that kind of formality between us. which is why i 'forbid' her by telling her i dont like hearing those words from her mouth and i really dont. i want to hear from her heart, not from following the rules of society. in our family. i dont want politeness from her. i want authenticity from her. it doesnt mean she never uses the thank you and sorry and please around me. she does use them once in a while. but...
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride Despite having given and received hickeys as a teen (and my mom hated them), I think they're gross, too. They look kind of like bruises, and they're very unattractive. That said...if our teens are old enough to be "making out", what we do or don't want them displaying to the world isn't really relevant. What they choose to display to the world is key. Same here. I had to laugh when someone said their...
Quote: Originally Posted by FoxintheSnow I guess we have different expectations, but when I have playgroups or any guests here I encourage people to make themselves at home and help themselves to anything they want. My mother always taught me that it's part of being a good host. Quote: Originally Posted by rainbowmoon I can't imagine denying a kid fruit if they wanted it. Next time I would hide the fruit bowl in a cupboard. I...
Yes, u/s is horrible for guessing weight, and even if the baby is big, that does not mean she can't have a successful vbac.
I have bad phobias of bees and driving.
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