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Quote: Originally Posted by gcgirl I think lack of support and a social network has a lot more to do with parenting difficulties than the birth experience. Yes exactly. I have three wildly different births, and I had no problem bonding with my babies or parenting them or anything
Quote: Originally Posted by no5no5 In our family, mouth-to-mouth kissing is for people who are romantically involved. But I've had friends who do mouth-to-mouth kissing with their parents even into adulthood. It's not for us, but I don't judge. Quote: Originally Posted by no5no5 Everyone you've ever met has kissed their kids on the lips in front of you? Or do you ask each person as you meet them? Personally, I can't...
I've seen the majority of dd's classmates kiss their parents on the lips at drop off or pick up. Every time I am at a playgroup or any parent thing, I see parents kiss their kids on the lips. I see adults kiss their parents at weddings, funerals, etc. My friends kiss each other when we haven't seen each other in a while. No one seems weirded out by it.
Of course. I kiss family members and friends on the lips. So not romantic to me. I have never met anyone in real life that doesn't kiss their kids on the lips.
You're getting angry at the wrong target. You should be angry at the state of health care in your country. 96k is not ridiculous amount of money, esp for all the on call, irregular hours, etc. However, she is not making anywhere near that much when you factor in taxes, costs, insurance, etc.
I don't know about the consent, but I would give your dd the name you intend to have.
How is he only your soon to be ex if he has never met your child and wants nothing to do with your next child? How did you conceive this baby with a man who hadn't met your first child? I'm confused.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephandOwen Totally OT..... but I love your "names" for your kids! Very cute Thanks! My oldest dd started calling herself jam and my son pb and said the next baby would be bread. Yeah if I was a ll I would think the clothes were abandoned.
So your husband was too lazy to get it for a week and you didn't get it because it is sketchy? I'm confused. Are you surprised?
Quote: Originally Posted by hakeber Yep, that's what my parents did first, they just stopped buying treats for anyone, (which was pretty unfair on those in the family that weren't raiding the fridge and pantry out at night and who liked having fruit roll ups for their lunches, and yogurt for a snack, or ice cream occassionally), but then there were raids of milk, a whole gallon of milk GONE, whole boxes of cereal disappearing, entire blocks of cheese...
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