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Is there any info, besides an unsmiling photo, that the child did not choose this cut. A friend of mine had a dd similarly aged who chose that haircut.
No I have oversupply.
3 kids, never felt letdown.
What is risperdal for? Was it a drug interaction? What happened that your daughter was hospitalized? How old is your daughter?
Thanks for the reply. Could you tel me what OT stands for?
Can anyone share their experiences with Celexa to treat anxiety in children? PM me if you don't want to share publicly. Thanks/
Quote: Originally Posted by philomom As I have said over and over again on this board. Unique and creative names can be a burden to a child. I tell folks to stick with the "easy to say" and "easy to spell" rules. Otherwise, you and your child will face lifelong frustration. What about Rain? Rayna? Rena? Arianna is a common name. It is hardly unique or creative.
That is really not true where I live at all. I save a lot of money shopping the fliers and stocking up when things are on sale.
Yes of course.
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