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We have Sobeys/IGAs/Food Towns, etc. I just lump them all together. There is a Food Town in my MIL's town that was an IGA until recently, but they seem pretty similar.
Quote: Originally Posted by ParisApril Ground beef was just on sale for $3/lb but the farm I buy mine from is only $2.75/lb so that's no deal. See that is so expensive and that is the sale price! The store where I buy lean ground beef has it regular 1.99/lb. They had a sale a while ago for 99c/lb, but the line was over an hour long.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasciate And out west here, Sobey's is generally the cheapest, with Superstore/Loblaws being only slightly better than Safeway. But we have no discount grocery stores. I always wondered how Sobeys could be all across Canada when they seem so expensive, but maybe they are cheaper there, especially if there are no discount grocery stores. We don't have Safeway here. I forgot about Price Chopper (Sobeys discount...
Yeah I find Metro and Sobeys really expensive, though they have some good sales. I find the prices pretty decent at Loblaws. I can't stand the produce at No Frills or Food Basics generally.
I find there is a lot of produce on sale where I live.
These are horrifying.
Quote: Originally Posted by Novella There have been several good comments here about other students leaving class for other purposes, the lack of "critical teaching" going on late in each class, and the ever-shortening lunch hour in a lot of schools. These all apply. However, I thought that a lot of those comments were in response to "small picture" comments that did not support this teen mother, rather than "big picture" stuff that doesn't nit-pit...
I voted 5 and 7.
My newest dd was 18 lbs at her 2 month wbv.
Iwould hate if a stranger did it, but it never happened. Mildly annoying when a friend did it,
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