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15-17 c. that is how we are comfortable. We don't do it to save money. We're fortunate that we don't have to worry about heating bills.
I think it is ridiculous.
We got our new siggs this week. My partner told them he wasn't sending the bottles until we got our new ones. We got our new ones last week. I don't see a point in returning the old ones.
I wonder if it varies by province because when I worked in a bar, we were told babies in arms were not an issue.
Quote: Originally Posted by PatioGardener Really? That's awesome! Is there anywhere that has an age limit on access (even if child is with a parent)? The thing with the baby in a bar or in an r rated movie or whatever is that a babe in arms is not going to be adversely affected by drunks or graphic movies or whatever the argument. Quote: Originally Posted by vegasgrl You can actually discriminate against people for any...
Quote: Originally Posted by PatioGardener I would think that it wouldn't be legal for a baby to breastfeed somewhere that the baby wasn't legally allowed to be (even if the mother was) - for example in court or in a bar. Other than that - Anytime, Anywhere! (I'm in Canada.) Babies are allowed in court and in bars in Canada, and it is only dependent on where the mother is allowed to be in Canada.
When I ttc'ed my 2nd, I figured the hg was a fluke. Before I ttc'ed my third, I was tested and treated for h. pylori, and it helped a lot.
What kills me is when hospitals make women ride in wheelchairs. I've never heard of that here, and I had a c/s for my last baby.
My kids usually get 5-10 from my in laws and 1-3 from my mom.
Quote: Originally Posted by Red Pajama I had my wisdom teeth out when I was a junior or sophomore in highschool using just local. It was awful. The nitrous oxide which I've had for subsequent procedures takes the edge off of the fear and discomfort. It's not really for pain. I assume that the conscious sedation is the use of nitrous? or is it something else? Nitrous is gas? Conscious sedation, at least that I had, does not involve meds. It...
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