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I did the conscious sedation aND it was good. People I know who di it with a local all said to play an ipod on full blast because the sound of your teeth being pulled out is unbearable.
My highly sensitive 5 yo dos #2. I don't see how it is in any way related to neglect.
All 3 of mine started suddenly, no signs or warning.
Well school is free and people can homeschool if they choose.
I have never waited that long, except once and I walked out. I would not wait that long.
No it is not wrong. I've seen mods post to the same effect. The only forums that are support only are tribes and spirituality.
JK and SK are half days here, but they are switching to full day next year.
There is no homework in kindergarten here.
Yes you are proving my point exactly. It is okay for an adult to say "Please call me Miss last name" but not for an adult to say "Please call me first name." How does that make sense. You call somebody by what they want to be called. Anything else is beyond rude.
Yes it quite obviously has nothing to do with respect. The respectful thing would be to honour what one wants to be called.
New Posts  All Forums: