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Quote: Originally Posted by childsplay But really, those examples are not far off you saying, and getting upset/offended "I want you to call me 'Jane'. Which carries the message, "your parents are wrong, you are wrong, I am right, even though I am a stranger, I want you to do as I ask " Very creepy IMO. No it does not carry that message at all. All it is is clarifying what one wants to be called. If someone introduces themselves to my kid as...
Um no because whether or not a kid eats a cookie or what a kid's religious beliefs are do not affect me personally. What a kid calls me affects me personally. So if you introduced yourself to a kid as Ms. X and the kid's parents told their kid to call you by your first name, you would be okay with that?
You don't really see how it is rude to not respect what someone wishes to be called and to teach your kids not to respect what someone wants to be called? Wow. It is polite to call someone by what they wished to be called. Clearly, it is not about respect at all, just blindly following an arbitrary system, regardless of people's wishes.
I'm glad that the policy is the nurse is supposed to go down to the car. I wonder if the policy is the same here and the nurse didn't know.
No problems here, but circ is in the minority.
Theclothdiapershop.com is based in ST. catherines and sells babyhawks.
Yes they do. We use a convertible. They made us uninstall it, bring it up, put the baby in, and then checked it. Thankfully, we are pros at car seat installing and uninstalling, but that is not a good situation. I keep meaning to write a letter complaining to the hospital because not everyone uses a bucket. They should have sent a nurse down to our car like I suggested. They looked at me like I had 3 heads. They wanted us to carry the baby down in the radian. Um, not...
Both our older kids have Halloween clothes with skulls on them. My son had a regular shirt with skulls on it as a baby that my new baby will wear this fall/winter.
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride I wouldn't be offended by that, but when I said, "I prefer Lisa" or "please call me Lisa" or whatever, I'd be a bit ticked when/if the person continued to call me "Miss Lisa". I'm not tracking very well today (worried about my hedgehog), but I think that's the scenario people were talking about...specifying what we like to be called, and having that preference ignored. Yep.
Yeah I agree. It absolutely boggles my mind that someone would tell their children to go against what someone actually wants to be called.
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