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I don't think there is anything more disrespectful than not calling some what they wish to be called.
Same with us, except for the kitty litter which we clean on garbage night and the occasional disposable, which we put right out to the can.
We put out about a kitchen catcher size garbage bag every week- pretty much just kitty litter, the occasional disposable diaper, and whatever can't be recycled or compost. However, in addition to recycling, we also have curbside compost pickup and everything organic goes in it. There are 5 people in our family.
Can you move? Or drive him to work and pick him up?
Not in your ddc, but I never heard of this before, so Iw anted to comment. It is wrong for all 3 of mine.
My kids call people by what they want to be called, which is first names in my area. Little kids don't call adults by titles here, except for doctors or teachers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Seasons I teach that love, marriage and babies are three independent decisions. I agree. I think it is so important to keep an open dialogue. I want my children to be able to come to me. If they feel they can't come to me for whatever reason, I hope they have a good support person who would take them to teh doctor for birth control or abortion, if necessary.
I had a c/s, and I had complications after which then required general anaesthesia after the spinal wore off, so I was away from my baby for quite a while afterwards. Thankfully, I dind't have a problem. I just put her to the breast,a nd she just took off like a pro. Good luck.
Exactly. I have an intense, irrational phobia of bees, wasps, etc. When one gets near me, I close my eyes, cry, and start to hyperventilate. I am certainly not doing it for attention.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nolansmum Katie-I hope your family had a wonderful time! The pics made me cry too! Your DD is at a great age for a visit-smiley a cute but not too mobile. Who is going to be the first to get pregnant again? It's about that time! Two of my friends got pregnant right away after their first babies (it took them each over 4 yrs to get pregnant the first time!) Man, my first two are 2.5 years apart, and that is the...
New Posts  All Forums: