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Eh I think it is plausible that they knew he was gone for more than 2 hours.
I would much rather have winter than be hot and sweaty all the time. It regularly gets over 100F here in the summer with ridiculous humidity and it makes me homicidal.
I take 4 diclectin a day, but have taken up to 8. One diclectin has the equivalent of 1/2 a unisom and 10 mg of b6. I take two before bed and one twice daily.
Oh me too karaboo. I am another radical feminist who enjoyed the book, but found the relationship disturbing.
Well I live in a part of Canada that is more south than most border states. It is relatively mild here in the winter.
We have soon to be 3 kids and drive a 5 seater.
I don't like DOritos so I never tried the dill ones though I love dill. We have Old Dutch here, but they are fairly new in the past couple years. I have never tried them./
Well only you can answer that really. 2.5 years is the minimum I would have between kids even though I always have intense baby lust after my babies are born. I lose my milk with pregnancy, and I want my children to be old enough to not supplement. I want them to be potty trained or nearly potty trained. I want them to have a good amount of time being the baby. I get severe hg, and I couldn't handle it with a younger baby.
I think stopping recess at 20F is unreasonable. That is only -6C. That is a decent winter temp. Here, recess does not get cancelled unless it is below -15, which is 5F.
OUr equal payment plans are only from November to April I believe it is.
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