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My daughter needs hardly any sleep!!!! She's almost 2.4 months and sleeps from 9:30-6:30 and naps about 1.5 hours/day. In total about 10 HOURS, including naps.....I couldn't survive without coffee....
Thank you all so much for the information!!! I passed it on to my friend, and she is now livid about the misinformation. I don't have all the details on her son, so I'm unable to provide that info...Again, thanks informed mommas
My friend's son (22 months)was just diagnosed with a speech delay. The doctor told my friend that the delay is most likely from 1) using sippy cups 2) living in a bilingual house, and here's the kicker, PROLONGED BREASTFEEDING (RELATED TO MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT): I know how ridiculous this is. Do any of you wise and informed mommas have any info I can give her before she weans him??? Thanks so much!!!! Joya
I'm not so sure about the averages but have been curious about this too. My daughter (now 23 months) has been giving us "left", "right" "straight ahead" and "turn around" directions since she was 18 months.
Hi, My daughter (20 months) loves Bob Marley--can't get enough of it. This morning when she woke up she sang, "little darling, stir it up".....and whenever we mention the word party, she sings, "it's a punky reggae party...tonight". By the way, thanks mammas for the above links and suggestions.
My daughter (20 M) who still loves going out in the Ergo just told me she wants "baby backpack" for her doll. I've seen plenty of doll slings, but am looking for an Ergo-like doll carriers or Mei Tai doll carrier. I don't have a sewing machine, nor am crafty enough to make one, so would love some sites or advice from MDC mommas. Thanks!!!
Looking for some trivial clothing advice here. My DD is 18 months and is 33inches and 22 pounds. She's wearing a 2T because of the length, but everything just hangs on her. The cloth diapers are keeping the pants up, but I'm looking for shirts. Do you know any brands/websites where I can find narrow cut shirts. Thanks mommas!!
New York Civil Liberties Union 125 Broad Street, New York, NY 10004 www.nyclu.org Toys R Us Violates Civil Law by Barring Breastfeeding in Store, NYCLU Warns FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Maggie Gram, 212.607.3344 / 845.553.0349 / mgram@nyclu.org September 14, 2006 -- The NYCLU today warned the Toys R Us company that it had violated civil rights law by telling a mother that she could not breastfeed her infant in a store. A saleswoman approached...
Great thread!!! I didn't know who Dora was until last month. And what is the Wiggles?? We don't have a TV, but when DD (16M)goes down for the night, we sometimes watch movies that we download on the computer. When we visit the grandparents, the tv drones on from dawn to dusk (and, it's mostly Fox News: ) Often, when we are visiting a home with a TV on, she says and signs "all done" (unless it's about animals). I am conflicted about TV. It was my babysitter growing up....
Hi, I kept hearing all about stranger anxiety and waited for it to appear. She engages with everyone and anyone (which could be dangerous later)My DD, now almost 14 months, has not shown any signs. When I leave her, she waves and continues doing whatever it was that interested her. When I return to her, she is ecstatic, but didn't even know I was gone.
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