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Quote: Originally Posted by treemom2 We turned DD's seat at around 13 months, she was way over 20 lbs and very tall. If I knew then what I know now about safety, I might have waited a little longer especially since we were living in a big city with fast moving traffic. We moved DS's seat forward at 18 months because he was miserable rear facing with his feet all scrunched up and was way over 20 lbs. We also decided that since the speed limit where we...
As a CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician), I'm a bit surprised at some of the responses here. I hold MDCers to a higher standard because a large majority of the people who post here make informed decisions. Anyone who turns their child before a year isn't making an informed decision, anyone who turns their child before a convertible is outgrown is also probably not making an informed decision. Rear facing is 5 times safer than forward facing, and turning a child...
If I had only those two options I would choose Connections Academy (and almost did until I found another option available in my state).
My son is 25 months, intact of course and never a single problem with his penis!
I'm enrolling dd in http://www.idahoidea.org/Main/Default.aspx Parents are given an allotment to choose any curriculum of their choice (non religious), up to half of the allotment can be used for "guided instruction" and I plan to enroll dd in art class, ballet and maybe ice skating or a music class.
Those schools sound awesome!!! How are they free if I may ask? are they public schools? charters? privately funded?
I recently enrolled my daughter in an online charter school for the 07/08 school year. It's a fabulous charter school that gives my daughter a $1200/year allotment and I can choose any curriculum I want (non-religious), and use up to 50% of the allotment for guided instruction (dance, ice skating, piano etc.). Without this option I would be unable to homeschool my daughter, and I would be unable to provide more then just ballet class, now she can also take another...
Look into Hammett and Glenns Ferry Idaho, both are small but about an hour from two separate bigger cities (Boise to the west and Twin Falls to the east). I've rarely been to those areas but the people are nice, I have no idea how left or crunchy they are however.
What type of area are you looking to live in? I live in a "bedroom community" with about 12,000 people, a small medical center and a suburban feel, however there are parts of the area outside of city limits that offer more land. I'm 45 minutes from Boise which is a nice sized city 200,000 population, and they have everything you would expect in a large city. There is NOT much diversity here however, and that has been the biggest downfall.
I'm in Idaho, we get very little snow in the area we live in. It's snowed 3-4 times this year and only 2 inches or less each time, it's usually melted within 24 hours. It's great! Idaho is very homeschooling friendly!
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