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we had good results doing NAET allergy testing. it turned out to be very accurate, and we were able to determine all our allergies in just one visit. i highly recommend it.
first of all, i'm so sorry you're dealing with this. my little girl had it and it was just awful, for both of us. here are the things that worked for us: diet changes and digestive enzymes. i'm sure you've read that eczema is very often caused by food intolerances. have you considered that the allergy testing you've done may not be 100% accurate? the diet we used was the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. this got rid of about 85% of her eczema. the nighttime itching was gone...
coconut oil. it actually is similar to breastmilk and enhances breastfeeding. you can learn more about it here: http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org/ i've been using it for about a year now, and have seen many, many benefits, only one of them being the antifungal benefit. by the way, if you have yeast overgrowth, your baby is very likely to have it also (mine did). so it might actually be a good thing for him/her to get some antifungal from your milk.
i've been dealing with allergies (food intolerances) for my 2 year old dd for a year now. we've pretty much done it all. if i were you knowing what i know now, i would start with digestive enzymes. we started these only 1.5 weeks ago and the difference is amazing. it has virtually erased her food intolerances. and believe me when i tell you that she had twice the allergies that you listed! secondly i would consider NAET, which will allow you to know on the very first...
it certainly sounds like it could be tooth pain, but i'll throw this in just in case. my almost-3 year old complained that her throat hurt for the longest time...months. it happened only occasionally and i finally realized that it was heartburn, from bananas. she also gets tongue pain from eating kiwis and pineapples.
i made a whole plan for us, based on the limited foods that we could tolerate. then i added in a couple that we react to mildly. it seemed to be going OK, and we followed it strictly for about 3 weeks. one thing that i like about it is that it's a no-brainer to plan meals. this part was great, because a lot of my anguish over our allergies came at the time when it was time to decide what to eat. that would just bring up all the negative feelings. we're still rotating...
when i need a quick meal, i eat very simply. i mix several components together and it's an appetizer kind of a meal: eggs fried in coconut oil veggie scramble - eggs + zucchini, bell peppers, onions, whatever tomatoes + avocado + lemon juice chicken broth + coconut oil oven baked bacon artichokes + homemade mayo carrots, celery + mayo lettuce wraps - stir fried steak or chicken + any veggie + onion + garlic shrimp sauteed with garlic that's all i can think of.
http://www.gdx.net/home/assessments/...eliefGuide.pdf you can start here. and here's a plan: http://www.chekinstitute.com/pdf/Rotation.pdf
YES! i have these very very infrequently. in fact, i have finally linked it to eating popcorn. my theory is that those little brown flakes at the bottom of the popcorn bowl get lodged in my throat. my immune system finds them and surrounds them with foreign-body-killing cells, but cannot actually dislodge them. in a few days, sometimes a week, the ball finally dislodges and i find it in my mouth. now i'm curious about tonsil stones, i'm going to check that out.
i think i've quit NAET for now. it pretty much depleted our account to the point that i HAD to stop. overall i feel that it is a legitimate course of action but there are times when i question it. the last time we went, we had just completed a 4 visit treatment for yeast, called CBT. i didn't notice a big difference the first week after the treatment, but the following week my dd's bloated tummy disappeared. so, i said, great! it DOES work! at this follow up visit he...
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