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is it still as good for you if it's baked or used to fry? my daughter and i have been taking it before every meal but it makes me feel nauseous taking it straight from the spoon. today i started just cooking with it instead, and i don't feel nauseous. does this mean it's somehow deactivated? i had read somewhere that the inside of the coconut reaches 120F in the wild, but frying and baking are so much higher heat.
i've just started coconut oil for many reasons. been eating it for 10 days. my daughter and i are taking it for eczema, yeast overgrowth, and for me, for low energy. the first couple of days i took 1/2 tsp daily, then after that i began taking it before each meal, three times a day. after every dose, i felt nauseous, heartburn, and like i had the flu. but now we've started using it to cook with too and the symptoms have tapered off. i've seen lots of good things...
i don't know for sure if i have cfs, but i do know that i have had low energy for as long as i can remember. just recently i made the connection between my amalgam fillings (mercury poisoning) and cfs, yeast overgrowth, eczema, etc. anyway, i started taking virgin unrefined coconut oil for the yeast, and it has the lovely side benefit of giving me much much more energy. i finally feel "normal"! other great benefits have been shiny hair and a rosy, dewey complexion : ) ...
i read somewhere that pale yolks are a sign of less healthy chickens. i think in Nourishing Traditions they say that chickens living on a pasture and eating grass produce eggs with orange yolks.
i was going to say Target also. i've bought a baking set (rolling pin, oven mit, angel food cake pan, muffin tin, spatula) amongst many other sets. they are adorable and very realistic looking so my dd can really cook with them. they are very reasonable as well. here's a picture of the one we have: http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html...sin=B000CCZRCC
my daughter who is 2.5 really loves the clifford the dog books. there are many many different books and all the stories are just right for a child's sense of humor. there are only a couple of lines on each page and a full color photo that is humorous. they're also nice and cheap - $3.99 i think from amazon. also if you buy 3 i think you get the 4th one free. lastly, i love them because they are thin and light, and therefore very convenient to lug to the beach, park,...
raw cheese in this country has to be aged for a minimun of 60 days, to make sure there are no pathogens, i believe. so yes, it IS safe to give to children, and much much healthier in my opinion. i have a mom friend who says her toddler's eyes became sparkly when they changed over to raw cheese.
my coconut oil does not froth either. what brand did you buy? is it UNrefined? the one we use is called tropical traditions. the unrefined one is only recommended for medium heat, i believe. this is the one i have, and if it gets too hot it gives off an odor that is a bit off. mine has never gotten to the point of frothing.
my favorite way to eat raw egg yolks is from Eat Fat Lose Fat. i may not have it perfectly cuz i'm going from memory, but i believe it's: 1C? coconut milk ripe banana dash of maple syrup raw egg yolk blend it all together and you're done. this smoothy is seriously delicious. i CRAVE this. it tastes like liquid ice cream and is full of nutrition. my daughter and i have been eating raw eggs for about a year now - in mayonnaise or in smoothies usually, but several...
i put chicken broth in chili and there is no way anyone can taste it in there. like a PP said, you can freeze the broth in muffin tins and then throw them into everything you're making. one way we loved it (when we were eating grains) was to cook the oatmeal in it. sounds gross, but once you add your butter and sweetener, it makes for a really yummy and comforting dish.
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