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It's just a birth if you don't choose inappropriate careproviders. Have a birth rather than an acronym.
Beautiful news! It's never too late to choose evidence based, safe birth.
I had a doula, not a medically trained attendant. I was dumped by my mw and in the hours after that my partner and I decided that given our recent arrival in a new city (we'd moved 3 weeks before) and because my sister (lives nearby) was also in ongoing labour with her own baby, and because we had no friends and because birth needs more pairs of hands, that we would invite a doula I'd met a few days previously at a birthing gathering who often supports at freebirth. Since...
Great to see you
Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73W-11IBmN8
This isn't mine but a birth I was at recently. Preterm labour so although a planned UBA2C the mama went to hospital as she thought she was ill rather than in labour. Discovered at the hospital she was in labour! What a shock. Her baby was born still sadly but the staff were just so bizarre. Surgeon: "You're 10cm dilated, we'll prep you for theatre." Of course we said NO but she was so taken aback since I doubt anyone ever says no to her that she got all flustered and...
I hope you have lots of support around you. What a hard path.
My first hb ended in an unnecessary transfer to an unnecessarean. Still don't regret it It would not have been better to have had the "care" of a hospital as a first time mother, nor the pressure for a solid EDD, induction, ultrasounds, all manner of testing and total strangers in my space all the time. I regret that I put all my faith in my mw instead of in myself but I learnt from that and my second birth rocked!
Thank you Please, feel free to share around. Women need to know that demanding a great birth isn't weird, it should be the norm!
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