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Joining some of the local homeschooling groups will help you find like-minded people. :)   http://groups.yahoo.com/group/homeschoolnewyork/ http://nychea.org/
I don't know how recent this list is, but maybe it can help: http://nyhen.org/LocalGroups.htm#WNY .
I've only been to The Cloisters on a Sunday, so I do not know whether that makes a difference, but yes, there is free parking available there. Weekends are usually the busiest times for anything in the city, but the parking was plentiful on that Sunday (I think it was during the summer), so I would guess it would be fairly easy to park on a weekday as well. Fort Tryon Park is very nice too, with great views on the Hudson River. :)
Wow, the responses on this thread are so not what Mothering used to be about. Is this site still dedicated to supporting natural parenting?
My first VBAC was at 42w5d; my second this year was just about 42w. Both were homebirths, and everything was just fine. :)
There are also height limits to rear-facing, not just weight limits. For anyone using the Complete Air to rear-face a "tall" child, I saw this link a few days ago, in which the makers of the Complete Air emphatically state that the rear-facing limit is 40 inches. http://guggiedaly.blogspot.com/2011/06/safety-1st-clarifies-complete-air.html
I have three different kinds of prefolds, all bought in 2005, often used with Snappis, mostly line-dried, and now on the third baby.   Unbleached Indian Infant - still in almost perfect condition, with almost no signs of wear and tear.   Unbleached Chinese Infant - some small holes or beginning tears, generally decent condition, but have not held up as well as the Indian prefolds.   "Half-bleached" Chinese Premium - (I ordered unbleached Chinese, but was sent...
The plastic backing on one of the metal clips that inserts into the bottom buckle broke off on our Graco Nautilus. I am posting because I am disturbed by the conversation I had with the Graco representative I spoke with when I called to find out 1) how to replace this part, and 2) whether the seat was still safe to use. Basically, the representative indicated that this part is known to break off but cannot be replaced alone, an entire replacement harness must be...
Congratulations, zensven42! Lol at "only a 42 weeker" - I had expected to go longer too, based on my previous birth. :)
Congratulations, MomtoJunebugs, and welcome to your baby boy! It is unfortunate that "time limits" are placed on gestation, but I am always especially happy to hear about someone beating the clock. :)
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