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I bought this one recently and have been happy with it.  It's about $50. It has a stainless steel bowl and a glass top.  I've found that the rice sticks a bit on the very bottom, but I just see that as the trade I need to make to eliminate the teflon.  If I put some water in to soak before I wash it, the stuck rice comes out easily.     http://www.aroma-housewares.com/kitchen/appliances/ARC-757SG.html 
What an awesome giveaway!  Thanks so much. I'd love to win.  
Took the evaluation and it confirmed what I already suspected...our DD is a spatial learner, just like her parents.  Thanks for the opportunity to win!  
I voted other.  My DD has never worn a swim cap before so besides having to find one and the issue of price for something we would probably never use again, I'm not sure she would be willing to actually wear it when we got to the party.  We might end up declining for that reason.    
I think your MIL's comments are meant to be insulting, and as a PP mentioned about as subtle as a brick in the head.   I'll share our story for what it's worth. (Sorry in advance for the novel.)   I have similar issues with my MIL. She likes to make passive aggressive comments to voice her displeasure about...well...just about everything we do. She's also incredibly self centered/focused so she likes to turn everything around to be all about her. Since DH and I...
I think you might enjoy Idiocracy.
With great sadness I'm leaving the Feb 2012 DDC.  We just discovered a missed miscarriage.  Apparently we lost our little girl around 15 weeks.    Good luck to you all!  Wishing you all the best!   Hazelmama
With my first daughter, I had a similar amount of bleeding around 27-28 weeks.  They never figured out what caused it exactly but they did do an US to check the baby and placenta.  There were no problems with either and I went on to a successful and fast homebirth between 37-38 weeks.    Take it easy and try not to stress too much.  
The pattern calls for size 6 needles and that's what I ended up using.  The gauge is 20sts+40 rows=4" in garter st.  The patten is knit flat in one piece and then you seam up the sides and underarms.  I used circs because that's what I had handy, but straights would work too. With straights, you might want a stitch holder on hand though to hold the right side sleeve stitches while you work on the left sleeve.  I think it's a  good next step up in complexity from...
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