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My Karelian great grandmom used to make many variations of these type of drinks. To one version she added turnips!
Well, saying that circ is wrong would cause outrage, lawsuits and stuff. Not to mention it would be totally politically incorrect. I myself have gotten called all kinds of names because I am against all types of circumcisions. Besides it's easy money - why would doctors want to give it up?
Quote: Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife According to my 8 yo DD, it's illegal in Finland to get married if you don't know how to read. Not sure if it's true or not, but she just shared that with me. Not true today. Would be absolutely against constitution. When Finland became Lutheran(almost 500 years ago)it was important that every one could read bible by themselves. Common folk did not value reading skills back then so church informed...
And these stats are only about USA. The fact is that worldwide most circumcisions are done without anykind of pain relief - even when done to older boys/teenagers.
Here in Scandinavia people just buy winter overalls. They keep child warm no matter if it is wet, slushy winter or dry, cold winter. Then you don't have to stuff 10 different layers of clothers under them. And they are very durable, I don't know if they are sold anywhere in USA but I highly recommendate! Example; http://www.reima.fi/en/collection/pico/
Of course you can use UPS but that is SO expencive. We find most stuff through eBay, there are always companies/people shipping globally - just again, check mailing costs, some people ask way too much. We also sometimes order things and put mail address to MIL who lives in CA and she sends them to us. Just be careful - EU custome fees can be quite expencive.
Quote: Originally Posted by MtBikeLover My son (1st grade) is already complaining about how long his day is and how he doesn't get any free time to do what he wants to do (play!). There is no way I would support longer days. Here in Finland first and second grades(7-8 years old) have 19 hours/week. 3rd to 6th grade (9-12 years old) it is 24hours/week. 7th to 9th grade(13-15years old) it is 30 hours/week. Regards to vacations. I guess...
Note, there is no highschool in Finland. Not The way USA has it. Instead we have upper secondary school that is very similar to the education what college students in USA get in their first years in college. Also, we have system that is "coctail" of trade school and this upper secondary school. Then there is plain trade school but even through that school there is a way to university if you so choose to. University education is not valued as a "must" like so often in...
Duh - another example how use of common sense would have saved lots of money and lives. Someone should inform Bill Gates - hasn't he given tons of money for circ?
Quote: Originally Posted by luv2bamommy2 I don't know where the moms get their info saying Xylitol's safety has not been proven, because it has been USED for 60-odd years in Finland. And from the info my mom has found, Finnish dentist recommend it over any fluoride product - that should tell you something! As A Finn I can recommendate Xylitol to everyone. Not only it keeps teeth safe but it also keeps ear infections at bay. After every meal,...
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