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Congrats to all the moms and families who have met their little ones already! It's wonderful to hear their births, and I'm looking forwarding to reading those to come when people have the time to post. So inspiring and beautiful!!
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!   mudhugger- I'm doing hbac too!   My mw stopped by yesterday as I was willing to try a stretch (at our prenatal the mw rec them at 37 weeks for anyone doing a vbac, but at my 38 my cervix was too posterior to find and at the 39 there were too many births happening). I was willing to try a stretch but no sweep, but yesterday agreed to both (39 +3). I was 1cm dilated so she couldn't really stretch, but was able to do a sweep....
Congrats! Such an adorable baby!!  
Hello everyone! I hope you don't mind me joining- I just found the ddc groups! I'm 39w1d today. I'm doing HBAC, so although I'm not too worried about when the babe comes, the mw already mentioned that postdates aren't too favoured upon for VBACs. Which to me makes very little sense! I've been drinking rrl and nettle tea, and doing evening primrose- just to help prepare my cervix as I had a very long prodominal labour with dd. My dh has been doing light acupressure...
No guarantees your child would even get CP. Both my husband and I got shingles (2 years apart) and our dd never got CP!  
Wow that's so awful. I'm actually about to move into a mobile home, and we are thinking of sending dd to Montessori in the next year and a half. And I have thought about how people's perceptions could be. It's very unfortunante and cruel. I hope you are doing ok!
Thanks for all the responses so far. I'm in Canada, so we need to be separate for a year before filing for divorce. We just need the separation agreement witnessed as well, but we'd feel more comfortable having a lawyer sign it, so that's why we want to write it up ourselves, and than have it signed. Thanks again!
Has anyone had sucess putting one together? I realize it's advisable for both parties to have individual legal counsel, but it's just not something we feel we need (yes we could regret it). We agree on everything, and it's completely uncontested. We want to write up an agreement then have a lawyer sign it. Anyone able to put one together? TIA!
I don't mind her eating snow at all. I will do it too! All we say is to not eat yellow snow
My dh used to wet the bed till he was 7 or 8, his mom took him to a chiro and he had a misalignment. After being adjusted, he never wet the bed again. Maybe there is something else going on for your son?
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