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I don't feel they are important. I have one, and had a huge romantic proposal. Which was sweet, and important to dh, I thought it was kinda cheesey. But that is just me. What is important to me, is more the sybolism of your love, which I see in the wedding ring. I see an enagement ring more as a big show, a 'look what I have' type of deal, but that is just me.
We have seperate closets as well, and I will put his clothes away, but he doesn't put mine away- not because he doesn't want to be helpful, but because I have my closet insanely organized and I'd never expect him to remember my insane order I put away dd's clothes too since I have them all organized, so I put them away as well. I do most of the laundry, and I don't mind that at all. He helps to fold.
What would you guess as a time frame?
Forgot to :
Hello! I'm going to do 100% RAW for the month of January. Then after, I'll probably aim for 80-95%. I'm doing mostly fruitarian, and will try to have a bit of green smoothie a day, and likely some raw sunflower seeds. I believe that raw is healthiest, but I have such a limited preferance, that I end up not eating enough b/c I'd just rather not eat then eat more fruit. I really don't like veggies. So I figure I'll do raw for the whole month (I've only ever done 11 days...
I missed it! I really don't want Gil to leave He's my fav. I love the romance b/w him and Sarah, I hope they develop it a bit more before he's gone.
Whenever I swear and dd repeats it, I laugh. So not helpful. Then dh gets mad not only that I'm teaching her to swear, but that I'm laughing! I've found when I am able to contain myself from laughing, if I just repeat the word and act like it's no big deal, she doesn't carry on. A couple of weekends ago, we were visiting mil and before heading out noticed we had a flat tire. Dh goes "son of a b$%^*". Dd turns to mil and goes "Grandma-man, daddy son of a b@$^@)". How can...
*I* don't react too well to chocolate or caffeine. It's pretty obvious if I've had either. Pop is out of the question- if I have any, I can't sleep at all, regardless of the time I had it.
Just curious as to when other's stopped using it. Did you go to a booster chair on the reg chairs, or sit on laps or what?
CSI Vegas- it's the only show I make time for
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