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Quote: Originally Posted by LongIsland Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy children. Smith S, Demicheli V, Di Pietrantonj C, Harnden A, Jefferson T, Matheson Nj, Rivetti A. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2006 Jan 25;(1):CD004879. Related Articles, Links Highlights (as told by poster Blessed): - Vaccine hasn't been shown effective in under two year olds - Safety trials are uniformly lacking - In the greater than 2 yo's, only 33%...
Quote: Originally Posted by insider I heard that even though the vaccine is not effective in preventing infection, the mercury in the shot can cause you to believe your flu infections are milder. I'd be willing to guess that the mercury from it also makes you believe that all vaccines are effective and safe.
No. But, I hear if you want to get the flu, to get the shot. So many people that get the shot end up with the flu!
It starts tomorrow
We consider it all our money, and use it as such. Dh would much rather me have the newer and nicer stuff than him.
pm her
I would understand if most parents wouldn't want an autopsy. Sure it would be great to know exactly what happened, but if your baby just died, I doubt you'd want him whisked away and all cut up. I think they'd be looking for a burial right away to find some peace.
A lot of reactions are covered up and said to be something else. Blame is always placed elsewhere.
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