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I'm really glad I brought it back up! 
I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoyed their banning!  :-)
How many years ago was that?!
I also find it VERY convenient that she blames your son AFTER you've left the playgroup...
I hadn't been on MDC for a while, and I had to smile when I saw my old-time Banned Title.  Anyone else still carrying their badge of honor????
My now husband and I started dating in May 2007.  At the time, my daughter was 13 and his son was 15.  In February of 2009 when they were 15 and 17 they told us they "had feelings for each other" and started dating.  They were together through our engagement, when we got married and when we combined households - then broke up about 2 years ago.  So our situations are similar, but also different.  If you want to talk, please feel free to PM me.
No credit card debt here - no debt other than mortgages.  We both had first marriages that ended with us holding a big bag of debt, and we both dug out of that and had no credit card debt before we ever found each other.
Do you have storm doors on your house?  When my ex left he also thought he could still just come and go as he liked - I'd turn around and he'd be there, I'd come home and he'd be there, scared the crap out of me and really ticked me off.  We had a storm/screen door on the back door that was there when we bought the house and we never had a key, and since we never used that door much I started locking it, and then I put a new storm door on the front door - you know, for...
My ex left when our kids were 9, 5, and 4 months old.  I was a SAHM then and I still am now, nine years later.  I've done some part time work, but you know what - I disagree that becoming financially able to care for the kids by myself should be my goal - I did not decide alone to have them, so why should I ever have to support them alone?  I was able to scrimp and save and stretch that child support (no spousal support) and my part time work and stay at home all that...
I didn't date for 4 years after my ex left.  I had a 9 year old, a 5 year old, and a 4 month old.  I didn't have time to date!  lol  But I also didn't want to just bring people in and out of their lives.  I wanted to wait until I was ready, until they were older, and until I thought that someone was "worthy" of coming into their lives.  Four years later I found him, four years after that I married him. 
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