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I have primary physical and legal custody and he has "reasonable visitation". To him that means seeing them once every couple of months. Friday night he took them when he went grocery shopping. Hadn't seen them for two months at that point. Grocery shopping. He hasn't had them for an overnight in six months.
"Yowser" is putting it mildly! Honestly, we saw it coming, but damn we were hoping we were wrong! We went from the days of everyone sleeping over and them staying up until 2:00 watching dumb movies to "It's 10:00, you need to go up to your room and you need to go home." Sigh... I'm so happy that your sweetie is moving in with you! I dream of the days when I can go to bed every night in the arms of the man I love, and wake up snuggled all in against him. I hope...
I just don't seem to fit in over on the regular dating thread... My sweetheart and I started dating just over two years ago. We had a three month "hiatus" in there, but never dated anyone else and never stopped loving each other. He is the first and only person I dated after my marriage split up (and after four years of seperation) and he only dated one other person casually after his marriage ended. We are each others one and only. We don't live together, and...
I take my kids to the dollar store and let them each pick out a couple of things for him. Last year they mostly got him office supplies. Not sure what that was about! And they make him cards. I *refuse* to do anything #1 Dad or such, because he sooooo is not! Even if I arranged to have them give him pocket lint it would still be more than he ever helped them do for me.
Remember too, (for a lot of us, at least!) we are older now - both the women and the men. We've been hurt and are more cautious - both the women and the men. The same man who would have been coming onto you in the first ten minutes when he was 19 is often more of a gentleman at 42, and his heart's been broken too, so things just might progress more slowly than the last time you dated (if you are at all like me, that is!).
Quote: So, do you give a 2nd chance to a first date where you didn't feel sparks? I didn't think there were sparks with my guy at first, I thought we were on the path to "just friends" and he didn't even kiss me for the first two months when we were casually dating. I remember saying to some friends "maybe he doesn't think about me that way..." First kiss - eh, it was so-so. But DAMN it got better soon after that! ;-)
With my oldest (15 now) I had a prolapsed umbilical cord. That's how we discovered it - her heartrate would completely stop during contractions.
Quote: I can't tell you how long we were staying there before I got a tiny bit of an idea what the heck that meant. I seriously had no clue what the heck people were saying to me at all. I just figured it couldn't be all that bad since everyone seemed to be saying it. I've lived here my whole life (I'm about 30 minutes south) and I still giggle when I hear someone say it!
Quote: y'all: In the south yous: In certain areas of upstate NY/Pennsylvania (and elsewhere maybe, I'm not so sure) you'ns: Appalachia and maybe other areas you guys: much of the northern and western parts of the country And here in the Pittsburgh area there is "Yinz"~!
I'm a single part-time working mostly SAHM. Their dad hasn't taken them for an overnight since January, and has only spent about 8 hours with them in the past four months. My parents are close, but I only ask them to watch the kids when I *really* need them to. My kids are older though - 15, 11, and 6, so the big two are in school full-day and the little one does 3 full days and 2 half days. Of course, school is out on Friday, so my little routine is out the door! BUT...
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