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Quote: You know what I wish would be the new way we all met our dates? Friends of friends (or friends, thrice removed even). Our friends who know we are single should be more proactive about advertising and scoping on our behalf, right?! THat way, when we do date someone, that person isn't likely to treat us like total crap and feel no accountability because his reputation will be somewhat on the hook and those in his social circle will find out if he doesnt'...
I check in on the dating threads from time to time, but I'm pretty well settled into a two-year thing (though now I'm thinking why hasn't he put a ring on it?! :-( that is always our biggest problem, unfortunately)... But I wanted to tell you all that I'm pulling for each and every one of you to find just exactly what you are looking for! Big hugs all around!
I have the same problem with my 15 year old daughter - we got those big Hershey's kisses for Easter, four of them, one for each member of the family - she ate them all. Try explaining that to a five year old! It's like they have no shut-off valve sometimes. Nothing that says "I think I'll eat a cookie or two..." They say "Cookies! Gotta eat 'em all before someone else gets some!" If you figure something out, please make sure to tell me!
Quote: I believe it. At my wedding my mother said to me "It's not too late. We could just go somewhere and get a drink" I wasn't tempted, but if she'd caught me at the right moment... My Dad basically said the same thing to me. Oh how I wish I would have taken him up on it!
Quote: I'm looking into food pantry work, but they recently hired guards here because things are getting dicey at the food banks with hostility and long lines- and I'm not sure I'm temperamentally cut out for dealing with angry/upset people, or hostile people. WOW! Our food pantry is just run by a small group of friends, all volunteers, out of our church basement. I can't even imagine what you are dealing with!
I have a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan with 104,000 miles on it, and other than normal wear and tear stuff I have had no problems with it (knock on wood!).
When my X and I were splitting up I felt very much the same. He was having an affair and I tortured myself with thoughts of *her* spending time with *my* babies (the youngest was only four months old and the idea of her holding my baby gave me panic attacks). Reality? She didn't last. Neither did the next one. The kids met the one after that a few times on outings, but never went to their home. Now he is married again. The kids didn't meet her until they moved in...
Quote: They are wonderful things!!! My post was not a negative reaction to your situation, at all. Getting a 2nd job works for you and your family. That is great and you have really helped put you and your family in a better place. I was just stating in my post that getting a 2nd job, which many of my more fortunate friends/family *strongly* suggest when I talk about the families I work with, isn't always an option for everyone. I apologize if my post...
Quote: I know many parents (single and married without savings/retirement) that would love to be able to get a 2nd job to be able to bring in more money to help their families. Unfortunately, with small children, the cost of childcare cancels out ANY wages earned to take on such a job. There are just too many variables... for ALL families. As I said, I've only had my second job for about a year now, and I have been blessed to be able to work...
I have no advice for you - but I wish you tons of luck!
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