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My sweetheart and I have been struggling with this. Our kids are 17 (his), 15, 11 and 6 (all three mine). To make it more of a struggle, just when we were ready to go for it, our oldest kids decided they had "feelings for each other" and started dating a few months ago. Sigh...
She is 15 and a freshman. I say I'm too young for this, but I'm 35 - so I guess I'm really not! kekeke I am the youngest mom of all her friends though...
My kids are off school today - and my oldest is going to her first prom! We are getting ready to leave soon for her first ever manicure and pedicure. Sigh...I'm 35 - I'm not old enough for this!
Talks of marriage have stalled. Our kids (my fifteen year old daughter and his seventeen year old son) decided a few months ago that they "have feelings for each other". Sigh... Marriage is coming, just not real sure how soon - we kind of need to ride this out before combining out families. But things between us are wonderful - I love him more every single day!
I lurk and check in on you all regularly, but don't feel like I have much to add! My sweetheart and I will be celebrating the second anniversary of our first date in a few weeks, and he's been the only one in my heart ever since. So even though we are dating, I'm also not really *dating*, KWIM?
I'm a single mostly SAHM of three kids. My oldest is fifteen and a freshman in high school and my youngest just turned six. So yes, I've put in my time! LOL! I do work two part-time jobs. I clean our church. Takes an average of 4 - 5 hours a week, and I can do it whenever I want. I also work part-time for our township as EIT Collector. February - April I keep office hours (just four hours a week, Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:00 - 11:00) and other than...
I saw this under "New Posts" and just had to respond...I am 5'3"ish and the one I love claims to be 5'2". I think he fibs a bit! kekeke My ex-husband was 6'0". Not much to say other than the fact that my sweetheart is highly successful, a great junior high school wrestling coach, a wonderful father to his 17 year old son (who lives with him full-time) and fantastic with my children. Oh, and he's a pretty good smoocher too! When he walks into a room you know it - he...
I stayed home completely for the first four years, and now work just part-time while the kids are in school. My X pays $1200/month child support (through domestic relations) and I now earn around $800/month, so we make it work. We live a very frugal lifestyle, no debt other than my mortgage, but it has been a sacrifice that has been well worth the effort in my opinion.
If we aren't counting mortgage I get to vote zero - YIPPEE!!!!
YIPPEEEEE - - - Congratulations!
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