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Quote: This is why I, as a child care provider, call parents if they don't show up. I wait about an hour (people here are frequently 30min late....how they don't get fired for this is beyond me) and call them first at home, then at work. I think that is very, very wonderful. Thank you for going above and beyond, moondiapers!
I picked "other". I am a single mom, but my kids do not spend time at their dad's place, he visits here. I don't visit this forum often (mostly just when something catches my eye on "New Posts") but I do like to read and get ideas of dos/don'ts for the years ahead, when I am sure one of us will remarry and we will face some of these issues.
PS: That boy gets cuter every time I see him!
Poor boy! Hope he's feeling better, and that you are both more relaxed now! Much love, Marissa
1 plate here in Pennsylvania.
(((((Janis))))) I want to thank you, once again, for sharing your life with us. Your posts always make me think... Again I want to say that life has taught me that I should not use the word "never". All too often the word "never" comes back around and bites us in the butt.
Thanks everyone! Texaspeach, I pretty much live in flip-flops, so I'm not worried about that. Though now I probably should be - like I said, this is my first date in 15 years! kekeke AND he's a bit...shall we say "height challenged", so I think flip-flops are a good way to go.
Not sure where we are going to go yet - just out to eat. He is a casual blue jeans kind of guy, so I'm thinking I'll wear tan capris, nice black v-neck, and cute flip-flops? Is that okay?! Holy Moses - it's been 15 years since my last date - that's a looonngggg time!
But tomorrow night I am going on my very first date in fifteen years. Holy Moses that is a long time! :
New Posts  All Forums: