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My stepdaughter just had a birthday party at Burger King (one without a play place) FOR FREE. Her mom called in advance and management blocked off a row of booths that could have easily seated 30, and placed paper crowns on each table. People had to buy their own food of course, and mom brought a cake from home, paper plates ect, and balloons. It was great!
My kids are 20,18, 17 and 7... the older ones did not get yearbooks very often because I was a struggling single mother and even though they were cheap I just couldn't always afford to get three, and sharing would have been difficult because they always wanted all their friends to sign it. It's nice to be able to look back at their classmates from years back and I wish that I had been able to buy them one every year. My 7yo has gotten one both years he's been in school...
My 7yo DS is into games big time! Here's a list of what we like:   Candyland (been a favorite for years and surprisingly still is) Chutes and Ladders Sorry Life Battleship Checkers Mancala Uno Apples to Apples Stratego   Clue and Monopoly are on our Christmas list this year!
I'm a school bus driver. I took this job last year when my DS started kindergarten. He rides the bus with me, even when I'm driving my high school route (the highschoolers love him!) and whenever he's out of school for holidays or snowdays, I'm off too, so I won't have to worry about childcare. It pays almost $17 an hour, the training was completely paid for, and I get 30-35 hours a week. I really enjoy it!  
I always take all my Christmas decor down on New Year's eve, and do a good thorough housecleaning at the same time. I only recently even heard that you're supposed to leave it up longer. Somebody told me that it's bad luck to take the tree down before New Year's, well, I kind of feel like it's good luck to start the new year nice and fresh!
I haven't been in these forums for ages, but came today specifically looking for bedwetting info and advice, and here it is! Good to see that I'm not alone! I have a 6yo DS that wets the bed 9 out of 10 nights. We had stopped pullups about six months ago because he said they were so uncomfortable, but just a few days ago I'd reached my limits with laundry- plus he's been wanting to sleep with me a lot again for the first time in a couple years, and that's just so...
I still really like this show! People on another forum I frequent were complaining about not enough zombie action, but as somebody above said, I think the zombies are just the background for the human drama. I love that it's not all terror and gore, and I'm really getting into some of the story lines. This show is truly unique!
My DS is 5 and 1/2 (6 in Sept) and very rarely stays dry through the night. I've always believed it happens when they are ready, but sometimes it's hard to be patient. My DS loves to drink water right before bed and I'm sure that contributes to the nighttime wetness, but how do you deny water if he's thirsty? It's good to read this thread and see that at least my son isn't abnormal!
I wish I had a lot of answers for you, but I'm having some problems getting along with my 12yo SD right now and I don't feel like I have any answers at all. But I couldn't read and not post!   In my experience, if your DH isn't on the same page as you, there's not much you can do. Stepparent's role is primarily to support the biological parent in the raising of their own child.  Not getting along with parents is a normal teenage phase that will pass, partying and...
Philip's entertaining, but I can't imagine him winning. I like Rob, but he's awfully cocky. Grant's alright, he's good at the challenges but other than that he doesn't really stand out much. All the girls on both tribes seem completely worthless. I used to like Ralph, but lately he's kind of fizzled out, or is that just editing? David completely drives me crazy, I hope he goes soon. They really haven't shown enough of that Marine or the older guy on that tribe (see, I...
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