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DH and I really like this show! It's almost too scary and gory for me to handle, but I can't tear my eyes away from the screen. I'm starting to really like some of the characters, it usually takes a couple episodes to get very attached. I really like the Asian guy, I think his name is Glenn? DH and I have fun asking each other, what would you do?? Unfortunately, I have to say, I'd probably have taken myself out by now rather than get eaten by zombies!
I love Modern Family!! It's mine and DH's new favorite show. We love the gay couple as well. I've never heard them address the marriage thing. Never seen an episode of Community, I'll have to check that out.
Some kids are just little. If he seems completely healthy otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it. My oldest DS was always below the bottom of the charts. I can't recall exact height/weight off the top of my head, but I know he was always wearing clothes at least two sizes behind his age, and his kindergarten class photo shows that he's an entire head shorter than everybody else. He's 18 now and 5'4, and he's also US Marine.
My 16yo DS struggled with encoporesis for several years. The preteen years were the worst, because he never felt the urge to go and didn't realize when he leaked, he hated having to go and sit on the toilet when he didn't think he needed to go, and he was also going through a phase where he hated showering. It was a rough period for the whole family! Eventually as he got older and understood the condition more himself, he started taking more responsibility for his own...
I buy the cheapest broom I can find at the store, and don't replace it until it starts to look nasty. They usually last a long time.
My bathtub looks so embarrassingly nasty! I rent my home, and it's obvious the tub has been resurfaced or painted or something, because it is PEELING. There's horrible soapscum buildup, and dirt stains or discoloration, and the more I try to clean it, the worse it looks. I've used every cleaner I can find, from natural cleaners to the horrible toxic stuff, and it remains discolored and the harder I scrub, the worse it peels. I'm embarrassed to talk to the landlord because...
Lots of paper snowflakes hanging everywhere. A Christmas tree. A big printout of the train itself hanging on the wall. I like the cardboard box train idea.
So glad I found this thread, this is exactly what I need right now! I'm eager for an assignment of the day, I like assignments!
I don't have very many real neices & nephews, and I'm not close to them (don't see them very often) but I like them well enough. My best friend's kids, on the other hand, I'm very close to and love them to pieces. We've been best friends since we were 11, and I pretty much consider her a sister & her kids my neice and nephew. So I don't think blood matters, no.
DS1 would be Milkshake, DS2 would be Hot & Spicy, DS3 would be Mayo, and DS4 would be Raspberry.
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