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I do think the lack of siblings to play with is a major factor. I have older kids, DSs 18, 16, & 14, too old to play with 4yo DS much, but I don't remember them wanting me to play with them constantly when they were small, most likely because they had each other!
Oh, if I had a nickel every time I heard that, I'd be a rich lady! 4yo DS (5 in Sept) says this aaaalllll day long. I do try to play with him a little bit each but I'd rather 'do' things then 'play', like bake cookies with him or crafts, and I enjoy taking him the park and pool and things like that. But he wants me to sit in his bedroom floor and play pretend games with him and I just don't enjoy that! I feel like he gets tons of attention, but it still makes me feel...
My 11yo DSD has been going through the same thing. About a year ago it was really bad, but it seems to have gotten a little better. Hopefully going in the right direction. We knew she wasn't very interested in hygiene, but we were being very gentle about it, overlooking a lot. Then after her teacher called me from school to discuss the problem, DH and I decided to take a more direct approach. DSD brings a clean change of clothes into the bathroom when she showers, we make...
My oldest DS is leaving home in two weeks for basic training (4 days before his 18th bday!) The first Toy Story was his very favorite movie when he was small. So yeah, I pretty much cried the entire movie! Very emotional. But very very good! I took my 4yo to see it also. Some of it was pretty scary, but not too scary for him. He really enjoyed it.
When Bill turned Jessica into a vampire back in the first season, he drained her almost all of the way, then fed her his blood, then slept in the ground with her for 3 days. Isn't that exactly what she just did with this guy? I think she could deal with killing him better than being responsible for a brand new vamp when she's still new herself, and he didn't strike me as a very nice man as a human, he'll probably be even worse as a vamp. Should be interesting! As for...
Quote: Originally Posted by KaylaBeanie The vamp looking for Sookie (the one with Tara next week) is the one who found that secret file, right? Was that at Bill's house? I was in and out of the kitchen and thought it was Bill's, but didn't know for sure... That was Bill's house. What I'm wondering is, did that vamp do something with Jessica's 'friend' being gone? Or did she make herself a new vampire?
I went in to check on my 4yo last night and found him sound asleep on his train table! I moved him back to his bed. What is it, the age?
I know there's a way to do this without any fancy software because I did it a few years ago, but I can't remember. Thanks in advance for any help!
Season 2 is on HBO on demand.
Loved it!
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