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My 2yo DS and I have been collecting acorns at the park for a while, and we have sooo many. Any ideas of crafts or especially Christmas ornaments using acorns? Thanks in advance!
I don't know how you could 'force' her to wear one either, but I'd really try. I agree with the social acclimation point made above- in some societies it wouldn't matter, but in our unfortunately it does. I'd be worried about comments classmates would likely make her self-conscious more than my pushing the bra issue. The sports bras would definately be more comfortable and she could take them off as soon as she comes home.
It's the age, my DSD is almost 9 and she's been just like this for a whole year. She wants to move to China. We've tried reasoning with her to no avail. Someone suggested to us that we have her write down a list of things that she thinks is unfair, and go over the list and write down a response to each of her complaints, to avoid getting into arguments. I thought it sounded like a good idea, but DSD refused- said it was stupid and babyish. It is almost as if she really...
I didn't read all the replies, but I'm 33 and I wish that I had gotten better grades in school. IMO, it's what the grades represent, really. It's about putting forth your best effort to succeed at a task that you really might not be all that interested in. I was always an intelligent kid but school bored me. My parents never made too big a deal about grades, so I did just enough to barely pass every year. I never really tried because I just didn't care. And I think...
Good thread! I've actually been thinking about this a lot lately. My 2yo DS has always been great about entertaining himself, so I just let him a lot of the time. I do spend time with him, he loves me to read to him, and we take walks, ect. But I do wonder if I play with him enough.
My 2yo does this thing where he'll bend way over, hold his hand out in the stop position, and make a kind of loud grunt-scream and turn very red. He does it primarily to older children at someplace like the park, I THINK he does it when he thinks they are headed in the same place he wants to go? He gets some very odd looks. And he is not very verbal yet at all. I'm turn between thinking its hilarious and being embarassed. I know it will not last forever
I like pet perk!! A few of mine are freshly laundered sheets, that first cup of coffee in the morning, beautiful crisp fall days, and seeing people 'seat dancing' in their cars. I'm sure I can think of more. Good thread
Do you have the same naptime routine that you do for bedtime? My 2yo almost always naps, but he falls asleep easier and sleeps longer if the room is very dark. My now 15yo stopped taking naps right after his first birthday. He's just never needed much sleep (now sleeps from about 11pm to 5:30am and is perfectly fine). I had to do 'quiet times', two or three a day at first and gradually cutting back. I'd put him in his crib with some stuffed animals and books, dim the...
Echoing the thrift store suggestions... I have one within walking distance of my house, so I stop in frequently. I don't always see stuff I like, but I have gotten many great, name brand items that look practically new for CHEAP. They have deals like everything 50% off twice a month and once a month all clothing is $.99 and so forth. I love it! I'm planning to buy a snow suit this year if I can find one cheap enough, but it isn't a must-have around here. I always buy...
I live within 15 mins of my dad, and an hour of my mom. I wish my mom lived closer. My best friend since childhood, who I consider family, just moved back to my area after a year spent several states away (YAY!!) I am pretty close to my family and could not imagine living far away.
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