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It's a young adult book written at least 15 years ago. There's a teenager that gets a summer job as a babysitter/ mother's helper at the beach. One of the kids is a spoiled brat named Marcella. The teenager has a crush on a neighbor boy named Todd Crowley. Marcella calls him Turd Crawling and Toad Crawley and stuff like that. The girl remembers treasure hunts and fun things she did with her mom when she was little to entertain the kids. I've been rereading all my old...
Have you ever read Rainbow Bridge? I'm very sorry you are going through this. Poor kitty.
Thanks for all the replies, everyone. DH has decided not to confront her, and ultimately it's his decision. He thinks it's possible that this girl was real, and DSD is only exaggerating how close of friends they were. I don't believe it. I'm not comfortable completely going against DH and confronting her myself, but I have been talking to her about people that I've known that have lied alot, just sharing experiences, and talking about how much better it is to get...
Crystal has been my favorite since day one (her original stuff is amazing, I can't wait to buy a CD!!!). But, I think Lee deserves to win. They are both so talented but as different as night and day, and I think the title of American Idol fits Lee perfectly. Good luck to both of them next week! (sorry Casey, but we all know it's goodbye tonight!)
That makes a lot of sense that it's for attention, but this girl is not ignored!! I know that she's upset about mom not being around, but her dad spends a lot of time with her, her grandma thinks she hung the moon, little brother and sister absolutely adore her, she's active in theater at the YMCA, I could go on and on..
My 11yo DSD lives with us fulltime, mom is not in the picture at all right now. DSD is on Facebook ALOT, which is something DH and I have disagreed about in the past, he thinks there's nothing wrong with it, I think she's too young for Facebook in general but should at least have time limits and more supervision. Here's my problem right now: DSD is lying on Facebook. At first it was little things, lying about getting good grades when she definately is not, saying her...
I would have been happy with either Parvati or Sandra winning. In the beginning of the season I couldn't stand Sandra but she really grew on me towards the end. It was a great season!! When's the next one?
I've got a 4yo, 11yo, 14yo, 16yo & 17yo. They all know about good table manners, but I generally don't require much for regular family dinners at all. With my group the focus has always been more on polite conversation. But company coming over or going out to dinner requires better manners and with the littler ones we discuss before hand what's expected and also we often play 'nice dinner' with stuffed animals and food from the play kitchen ect.
Man, there's no way I could predict the final three! This season is too crazy, lol! If Jerri makes it to the final three, I'm pretty sure she would win, no matter which other two are there. I don't think there's any way Russell could win. I think if Parvati's in the final three and Jerri isn't, Parvati will win. If it's between Russell, Sandra, & Colby? Blah. Sandra I guess?
I'm interested to hear what plans other teens/ preteens have for the summer. I've always had trouble keeping my kids busy over the summer. I'm hoping that my 16yo DS will find a part time job for the summer, but he doesn't seem to be as interested in that as I am. He's more interested in hanging out with his friends 24/7, and I'm worried about what teenage boys might get into with all that freedom stretched out in front of them. And my 11yo DD is at the awful in...
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