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Hello all you beautiful ladies;) hope all is well, amazing the timing of me back here and the new aries moon;) soooo much has happened during this past one, and amazing things are starting with this one, on the end of the old that is;) so im sooo thankful and blessed to start anew and regroup and rekindle the things that need it and letting go of what that is I really can not control...going to catch up with this thread and loving the energy so far that is seems to be a...
Im going this year, cant wait. lets share ideas and make sure we connect there what have you done etc. what do you do to prepare, to share with everyone etc. What must you bring or ? namaste! Heather
Im starting in june for my instructor course im really excited, love yoga and the peace I feel with it. namaste
hi everyone positive vibes to everyone needing them. I am in the middle of eat, pray love and LOVING (oprahs voice) it! talked to dh about the finalities of the divorce. feel good, but still off. just nervous about the bills all on me, but im a strong wise womyn so I know all is well im playing around with the universe and figuring out what it is im wanting from a relationship and mate etc. hope to see you all on wwow sooner then later blessings heather aka soulsearching
we found it ,it was in her room on a shelf that she put above her bed while she was cleaning. Thanks for the responses I didnt get the email that there was a response lol Blessings Heather
we did this also, preloved or handmade she got super cute jewelry and dress up dresses from older girls of siblings etc. It was nice, and I didnt have to return or donate ANYTHING! unlike the 5 huge bags from christmas and the other days lool. Blessings
Im very bummed, I didnt get to make one yet! I was so busy catching up around the house, working and delcuttering that I never got around to doing it. but my intention is to do one asap as soon as everything is finished and I do a space clearing im mentally clearing alot of things now and it just seems fitting. All is well always
we are missing a pink ds system thanks for your help!
sorry for your loss, may you find peace and the birth you want. blessings to you and the baby.
me too i just gave away 5 large trash bags of girls clothes, 3 large bag of toys on freecycle, an obnoxious polly pocket jumbo jet crap in box toy , another large bag of toddler and elmo paraphernalia, and still cleaning lol i have been keeping it waiting to either have a garage sale or craigslist it but im done. needs to go now! lol. feels great too. also took out the carpet piece we had in the living room and hallway so glad its spring
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