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I do the whole 'you can watch tv AFTER the room is picked up' or whatever it is that we are going to do. I also run a home daycare, so theres also organization and routine, we pick up before snack, before lunch, before nap and before they are getting picked up to go home, at which point they can choose one toy to play with, if they want a diff toy they have to put away the toys their playing with first. Also, as far as routines go... for example: as soon as...
i'm having the same issues with my 8 yr old ds. sorry, i have no suggestions!! i've resorted to jammy bottoms that i just happen to come across and cotton shirts that i get at walmart or something similar!
soooooooo cute
Hi, My ds has hated HATED school, for the past year, and disliked it the year before that! Although our situation is different, he has severe learning disabilities overall my story may apply to you. What I mean is that the school he is in now, which is a reg public school cannot meet his needs, not even close. We have searched and finally found a school that is geared to how he's going to learn. Last week he got to spend a day there, and finally just heard that he...
Quote: Originally Posted by averlee Here is my humorous yet monstrous and completely ineffective reaction: I answer the question about a dozen times, with rising annoyance. Then I shout, If you ask me one more time I'm gonna scream! Then I scream. Then my kid starts crying and runs off afraid of meannie mommie. Yeah, I probably need to work on that.... oh thank you!!!!! I just got a great chuckle!!! this is exactly what i do!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by sunnmama Dd was 5.5. I taught her the same way I remember my dad teaching me at that age---running alongside and holding onto the handlebar or back of the seat! We went to an empty parking lot and did a lot of repetitions. I got lots of exercise yep, thats how i taught my younger sister too!
Yeah its hard, I don't think I have any good advice, I'm not really there yet... But I do think that the older sister should still be respectful of the younger one.. Hopefully you'll get some better replies, I'll be reading them myself!!!
I eat quite well, and stopped taking prenatals when dd was born
Quote: Originally Posted by Halfasianmomma For me, it did. DD used to wake every 2 hours to nurse, and after I nightweaned her (solo, I might add), she stopped doing that, except in periods of high stress where she wakes from a nightmare. Generally though, she nurses to sleep around 8 p.m. and doesn't wake until 5 a.m. . This is us too!!! Dd will wake usually between 5 and 6. nurse and fall back to sleep for a while longer. She still does...
I think you said the right thing. Maybe after school, alone I would really talk about how it may feel to not let friends into clubs... But sadly I think it's just the beginning..
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