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It sounds like you are unhappy with the way things are going now and that your kids are needing a little more structure in their lives.  If you can't live the way you are living then it is definitely time for a change. There is nothing wrong with implementing a routine and some basic family rules into your lives.  It won't make you any less AP, but it will make you and your family much happier.  There is nothing wrong with not wanting to live in chaos. I know I would go...
I am the team manager for my ds's hockey team this season.  The team is  playing in a tournament and I am setting up a team dinner at a nearby restaurant after the game.  I need to send an email to the parents, so I can get a headcount .   I know nobody expects the coaches to pay for the meals, but just too be sure I want to put something in the email about each family paying for their own meal.  Is there a polite way  to do this?   Thanks!!!
Both my chocolate lab and my German Shepherd/lab  love pillows.  They each have their own  human pillow on their beds and love to hold it and sleep with their head on it!  They both love soft, snuggly things in general.  It is funny watching them snuggle on the floor with my son on a cold, rainy day!
I would be annoyed too, especially since that is not what you brought up.  I guess a lot depends on how the teacher said it.  Was she trying to be nice and gives you a heads up or did it seem more like she was trying to be nasty to you and your dd?  Teachers are people and they make mistakes too.  I think she could have chosen better way of saying what she needed to tell you and did it privately.     In public school kids need to be able to read at a certain level in...
I wish my ds's school had snack time!!  He doesn't eat lunch until 1:00!!  I have to feed him a protein heavy breakfast to get him to lunch without starving!!!  At his elementary school there is only one recess a day and that is right before lunch, so it is pointless to have a snack then.  I think a lot of issues could be resolved if they were allowed a quick 5 minute healthy snack break mid morning. 
This isn't only a girls against the boys thing either.  At my son's school boys and girls are being pushed out of games by the boys that are "better" players.  A 4th grader told me that there were so many kids wanting to play that "shouldn't be because they are not good enough".  It is amazing the social changes that are taking place this year in 4th grade.  I'm really noticing certain groups of boys getting really mean toward other groups. 
5 days ago we adopted a 5 year old lab from the animal shelter to join our 2 year old lab/shepherd mix and 2 cats.  He had a couple accidents in our house.  They were my fault- not noticing he needed to go out and letting him go places I shouldn't have when he is nervous, stressed and not knowing the rules.   He hasn't had an accident in the house for the last 3 days.  We are keeping him confined to the family room/kitchen area and taking him out at short intervals. We...
    Adorable!!!!  Big, black shelter dogs are the best!!!  Timber is 2 (the vet estimates)  and is 80 pounds of love!  
It sounds like it is working out well for you and your pup.  If you are worried about her getting lonely or bored, maybe you could put her in daycare once a week or have a friend stop in on occasion.  
I really do think there is a middle ground, and I think happysmileylady has found it. 
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