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since I posted here at Mothering... I saw your post, and thought maybe I could be of assistance. I have Raynaud's... all the time... I have probably had it most of my life, but thought it was "normal". It wasn't until it became progressively worse that I finally tried to ask questions, and was diagnosed. And I had it while nursing, especially with my youngest (now 7). I would think, wow, he really sucks a lot harder than the others... Anyway, one thing that...
Weird, I go to Six Flags by me, all the time, and see plenty of NIP... I am not sure what they mean by public health. Are they worried about the baby getting some dirty water while nursing?
I like mine, mostly. I am 34-36DD. I gained a cup size with each child. And now 3 years after the last one stopped nursing, I think they are nice. I have always tried to wear bras so they would not sag, and it has been worth it. They are not real saggy. But everyone has to do what is right for them, I guess. I would be too chicken. I know this is not the same, but I could use a little off the hips, ya know? But I have heard too many stories about ladies having...
I LOVED Nikkys!!! My youngest is going to be 7, so it has been awhile. :LOL
Winnie, that is the title. Now I remember! And look I found a site in UK with films about the disabled. http://www.disabilityfilms.co.uk/mental1/winnie.htm http://www.disabilityfilms.co.uk/index.html main link HTH
I remember watching a movie with Meredith Baxter Birney in it and it was quite good. She was the main character and mentally challenged. Let me see if I can find it, at least the name of it. Also, I have a friend in FL, who is an advocate for the disabled, it might take a day, but I will try to get a hold of her and ask her for any suggestions. OK?
We have been "officially" homeschooling/unschooling for 15 years. Our sons are 20, 16, and 6. There is nothing you will ever be able to say to convince someone that a child does not have to be in the "government" schools to learn, and it is actually preferable NOT to send a child to school, if that is your choice... BUT, I can tell you that if they are going to be "convinced" it will be after you have been doing this for a while. My father always thought it was...
hmmm, that is strange. I wonder if it was because it was a demo? Mine sucks up unbelievable. I even used it in the main bathroom today. I stopped using the broom and dustpan and swiffer these days. As long as you are happy, that is all that matters, sweetie.
I can answer as a doula... Nope, I would not think that would be reason to turn down a client. And I am always willing to help tidy up a bit. I have turned down clients, but for other reasons, I think a doula and client should share some similar philosophies/views. I also tend to listen to my gut... Or my heart... whichever the case may be at the time. Does this help at all?
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