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Quote: Originally Posted by young_mama08 Also do you think $48 an hour is pretty good? Well, compared to the $9/hr that I'm raking in now....yeah... I would call that amount "pretty good"... I have made $50/hr in the past, when I was doing freelance modeling/acting.
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Clementine~ If I leave his life.... then he might forget what we had and find someone new.... If he forgets so easily then it wasn't real to begin with. I went through this scenerio with my ex and it was a painful mess that drug on for years. I highly recommend cutting off contact with him. He'll need to work out these issues on his own.
Yes it does! I actually prefer the taste of the nearly white, regular organic butter.
The video with the article said 'breast milk doesn't contain vitamin D'. Not that 'it's been found be low in it,' but that it doesn't contain ANY at all....Is that really true? I would think that if a nursing mother had lots of vit D in her diet, she would therefore have a good amount of it in her milk. :
yes you can just use those, it'll still make a good stock. and yep, that's all you do.
Quote: Originally Posted by VijayOwens everyone should be eating 6-8 tablespoons of good butter every day. wow...she's recommending that people eat a stick of butter every day?? i don't even know how that would be possible...
welcome to my world sweetie
What do you guys think of a day at the park with the kids (he's a single dad)as a first date?? This is his idea, not mine. I've known him for a few months, but from work, so we really don't know a whole lot about eachother. I'm not sure whether to agree to it or not. On the one hand I think it would be super fun, on the other hand it seems really inappropriate. Opinions??
I got fs in MN without having to work a certain number of hours, I think that rule only applies to cash benefits.
Quote: Originally Posted by mama41 earthie_mama, check my recent post on the Working and Student Mamas board -- if today's testimony in front of a House committee is any guide, you can expect credit markets to be tight enough to exclude all borrowers except those with excellent credit scores and good income/debt ratios. At this point nobody seems to be prepared to step in with significant extra money for poor/debt-ridden students, including single...
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