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Thank you everyone.
I've always done my canning/preserving using tested recipes only.  I do take food safety very seriously, and I don't want to make anyone sick.  :)   However, I've got a family member that wants some of my barbecue sauce.  He lives 10 hours away, so canning it seems to be the best way to preserve it for him.  It seems that it would be safe for canning, but how do you know?  Is there a site that can help you figure out if a non-canning recipe can be preserved?   The...
I do.  My kids go to bed around 7:30, and I tend to go around 9:30 or 10:00, along with my dh.  I get up before my kids (not by long--just 30 to 45 minutes), which gives me that sort of quiet head space that I need.  I prefer my sleep to long periods of quiet time to myself. 
I just ask/tell them to calm down, cause "there are little babies here."  Usually once is all it takes, and they are embarassed enough that they get out.  The kids at my pool don't tend to be rough, though, just rowdy big kids that forget that little kids are, well, little.   I appreciate the same direct approach to my own kids.  I have a 5 year old that plays pretty rough with his 3 year old brother (and they laugh and giggle as they splash each other).  They forget...
My kids have liked early bedtimes.  There are some studies out there that show that the sleep before midnight is more beneficial to kids than the sleep after.  Regardless, my kids just operate better on early bedtimes.  I'd do 7pm for a while and see how it pans out.  She might just consolidate some of her naps differently, not necessarily wake up earlier.
 I am planning to leave my kids overnight for the first time this summer for my anniversary.  They are 1, 3, and 5.    Previously, the older two have spent the night with my mom when I was hospitalized (for childbirth and for illness).  The oldest has spent the night for fun.  The baby never has, but he is night-weaned, so I think he can make it one night. 
I have some friends that live in the town you do.  There is a very wonderful natural birth community there.  Check out Full Bloom for classes and support and getting plugged into all that.  There are several doulas that work with mamas, and I think you could be happy with a hospital based midwife attended birth.    I actually had my baby at that hospital (though I used a physician and had c-sections), and the hospital/postpartum care was great.  (plus you can eat...
I was a midwife before I had children.  Has my perspective changed?  In spades.  But, I was still a good midwife back then.   I personally prefer child-less providers, because I feel like their attention is more focused on me during birth.  Selfish, I know, but it is what it is.  I feel like a mother might be distracted by the goings-on at home, and a child-less provider less likely to be so.  That sounds terrible to say out loud, but it really is how I feel.
Are any of your kids under age 5?  You might qualify for WIC.  The guidelines for a family of 7 are $61,550 a year.  It wouldn't be a lot of food, but it'd be something.     
Oh, I just re-read and think I misunderstood.  That was what I froze ahead last year for eating postpartum.  Sorry if that's not what you're looking for.
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