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Just curious..did your friend expect you to just sit and watch while her kid beat up yours?
My preteen dresses pretty casual but the subject of the way girls dress is interesting.  I think there is a difference between a girl dressing "sexy" because she thinks she has to and because she is proud of her body.  I don't think that because a girl has a bigger chest she should feel ashamed and hide it.  I mean, I'm not saying wear see thru tops or something lol but why should she wear baggy mens shirts or something cause of her chest?  Guys can control themselves...
Yeah..sleep-training just boggles my mind.  Our strange culture seems to think the only care babies need is a clean diaper and food...their emotional needs are just as important.  This nonsense all started in the 1920's when parents were told not to cuddle their kids, just give them a hand shake lol...we havent come very far in 2012 have we?  My dd is a preteen and I never let her cio..well once but it was horrible and I gave in after a couple minutes...and she sleeps...
We have all had those days mama.  "Starting over" was a great title because that's just what you need to do.  Remember...gentle discipline isn't about being a perfect parent...it's about trying your best to parent with empathy...which you are doing.  It doesn't help that our culture wants kids to be like mini adults and are often smacked and humilliated for acting like the children they are. 
Congratulations on your new baby girl!  Thinking of you and praying for you.
Your words mean a lot to me...as someone who over-analyzes so many parenting decisions, it's not about bf or co-sleeping or whatever..although I believe very much in ap. It is in making sure you make your kids feel loved and spend time together...and your sweet little angel Charlie knew he was loved...I'm sure of it. 
Thanks nstewart!! Those recipes sound YUM!!! Could you please give me your guac recipe too?  Sorry to be greedy lol.
I am so very sorry. Also want to agree that you did nothing wrong. Your ds knew he was loved mama.  I will pray for you and your family.
    Yeah..it's a biggie here.
    Thank you!  Those ideas sound delicious :)
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