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Gorgeous work! Congrats on your marriage
Sorry I have no advice, but aren't those NB snapdragons the smallest, sweetest little things!
Oh , gorgeous! Hard to pick one, but I love that giraffe one . And I agree the hubby is a hottie.
Checking out the Yoga DVD on ebay. I hate trying to find things at music/video stores so I think I will just order it from there. I will let you know how it goes once it arrives. We could have our daily sessions 'together' via the magic of the internet...as in hey...did ya do your yoga today? sure did, you? yup. :LOL **for the record Jordan, and yes I got all hot and bothered when he did his short lived solo comeback in the late 90's**
Yoga 4 Fertility, eh? I it! Reminds me of the rub on tattoo I had in elementary school that said NKOTB 4 Life :LOL . I will have to see if I can find it...where did you purchase it? Also I hate needles so please share with me more your specific experiences with acupuncture: I just don't know that I could handle all that, not because of the pain but because of the Heeby-Jeeby factor of the needles. Wow, I am making myself sound like quite the basket case ....
Great stash, thanks for sharing. Love that GMWW set!
Good thing we have Amy aboard, she can enroll us all in her diaper shopping addicts recovery program! Christy hope the hubby's interview goes well on Monday! (and for goodness sakes woman watch where you are driving?!?)
Gotta get in our MDC diaper drama of the week, eh? If you don't like it don't bid, if it doesn't sell they'll either lower the price or just keep it. You do all realize that this is an actual mama that you are talking about, one that quite possible reads here, not some abstract concept to be debated?
Quote: DRINK YOUR GREEN TEA!!!!!! You better believe it, every night! Actually usually every other, some nights I drink a cinnamon herbal tea instead. (Or some nights like tonight, both...I loves me some tea : ) Hope you enjoyed your show and knitting
Hi Emily! Congrats on your pregnancy! Jackie I agree that I am lovin' this. I just started to really research PCOS in the last several months so I am always ready to learn. Let's maybe share some of our favorite links for information? I would be especially interested in any of your research Jackie on natural treatments. Also Celesterra what Yoga video are you using?Trying very hard to stay positive in this journey and thanks to you all for a supportive place to go!
New Posts  All Forums: