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I've bought seed potatoes and I've used sprouted potatoes in my pantry, and my luck has been the same with both. I have never grown garlic, though, but was curious if it would work when I observed some with little green chutes growing out of it. My instinct would be that yes you can plant it, but honestly I've never done it so I don't know.
Oh, and does anyone use the iVillage Fertility calendar? Thoughts on that versus the Fertility Friend? I'm using both right now and eventually I'll switch to the one that is more useful for me.
OK, so I'm starting out on charting and I had a couple questions. 1. I haven't started temping. Today is CD 7 and my period finished up yesterday. I did NFP for a year successfully (and got pregnant on purpose) just based on my mucous and cycle days. I did not have children at that time. Do I need to temp? Could my cycles change so much that I won't recognize the signs anymore? 2. I've read in a couple places that one should have a "basal" thermometer. I read...
My kids are 22 months apart, and at DD2's birth, DD1 was in our bed still. This is how I did it: DD1 on my left, DD2 on my right, I lying on my back with a pillow or two for support of my neck. I had a pillow under each baby which would bring them up to breast level (I have small breasts, so larger breasted women may be able to go without pillows). I would use my arms to help support their heads so they could both easily reach my brest this way, and I could easily...
I weaned my older daughter when her sister was still nursing. I made a bedtime chart, and I kept changing it. It showed nursing at specific times during the bedtime routine (at first nurse to sleep, then nurse for 5 minutes before going to sleep, then nursing for 5 minutes before stories) and it worked! I kept shortening how long she could nurse (and I would tell her, 2 minutes left, 1 minute left, 30 seconds, 10, 9, 8...) and she was very good about stopping when I...
I'm just starting with charting to avoid. I got my IUD out yesterday and we're not ready yet to have a baby, but that sucker needed to come out. The resources listed here look great!
I'm freeeeeee! I went in to the obgyn today and he was able to get it out. In like 30 seconds. I think he had special dialator tools that opened me up so he could see what he was doing. I'm so happy it is gone!
I got my swingset off of Freecycle. They have swingsets on there all the time. You could also look at Craigslist for free or cheap listings of swingsets.
How old is your LO? My young toddlers like to sit in the sand box and play while I work outside. We got one of those small ones for free one year, and it is a huge hit with the 9mo+ crowd. I haven't really worked in the yard with a really small little one, but I've decided if I do have a younger baby in the spring/summer, those will be occasions that I use the stroller to keep the baby with me while I'm working so he/she can see what I'm doing. Older kids have their own...
Potato growing is so easy! All I did last year was take my seed potatoes, plant them in the ground (I cut up the bigger ones with lots of eyes into smaller pieces with 1-2 eyes) in a big pile of dirt. I got a nice yield of potatoes that lasted for several months. I store them in paper bags in my pantry. I use the tiny ones for seed the next year.
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