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I tried to PM you back but your box was full
Sounds like a boil to me. Warm compresses should help relieve the pain and should help them go away more quickly. Draining them is actually a good thing! Drain all the pus out of them as soon as they come to a head. It may take a few days to get all the pus out.
I just read that pinkeye (conjunctivitis) is often associated with an upper respiratory infection, colds, or sore throats. So I would guess it is probably pinkeye. Antibiotic eye drops can speed recovery but they're not necessary, and sometimes pinkeye is viral so antibiotics would have no effect. Pinkeye is usually not very serious, but it is very contagious, so keep your kiddo at home for a few days. Hope he feels better soon!
I would think ear infection if all of a sudden he started having this reaction. Most ear infections clear up on their own without any trouble at all. But occasionally an ear infection can become a bacterial infection. I can't imagine a bacterial ear infection lasting that long, though. You might want to have someone look in his ears for this one. Hope you can find an answer.
Quote: Originally Posted by HotJabanero Not to be a debbie downer but if I were you I would vigilantly avoid pregnancy until this is completely resolved. It absolutely can have serious risks in pregnancy if it has perforated you uterus. A close friend of mine got pregnant with a perforated IUD and it not only went through her uterus but her bladder as well. They had to perform a C-section the damage was so significant added to that the cut they had to...
My daughter has very similar symptoms, with fevers around the same levels and also complaining about a headache. We took her in yesterday and she tested positive for strep throat, which is bacterial and treatable with antibiotics. It could be the flu, or it could be something like strep throat. Personally, I would take him in to the doctor just to get it checked out. As far as thermometers go, have had horrible luck with the ear thermometers, so I'd go with a regular...
My 2 year old DD tested positive for strep throat. The results came in this morning. Some questions: 1. How long is strep throat contagious? 2. How contagious is strep throat? 3. How can the rest of us avoid strep throat? 4. She is refusing to take her antibiotics. We've tried pudding, juice, milk, forcing it down her throat, etc. She WILL NOT take it, no matter what we do. I hated forcing it down, but that was the most effective method thus far (she...
Is your soil still frozen and unworkable?
I've heard buckwheat is very easy to grow, and it only takes 12 weeks to reach maturity. I read that to harvest, you simply cut it down with garden sheers, and then get a sheet and a broom, and you beat the beejebers out of the buckwheat. Ripe ones fall into the sheet, immature ones stay on the plant. I'm considering growing buckwheat one of these years (probably next year). I have 1/3 acre and lots of room to do it, so why not?
I'm doing about two feet between everything. Maybe 18 inches. Last year I forgot how huge squashes got and didn't leave enough room.
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