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Cynthia, I am glad things have went the way they went. For me they showed that what I saw was truly happening and I wasn't just imagining it, or being overly sensitive.   It isn't about censoring....if one is TRULY searching for information with which to make choices there are many places to find copious amounts of it. Mothering shouldn't be THE only place a person comes, if it is then that is no fault of Mothering or the people here. It then becomes the persons...
My heart just aches for nice people like you. Sometimes I get frustrated that our lifestyle puts us at a disadvantage socially. But then I read posts like yours and I am so so so thankful I have a tendency to be a witch. Not only would no one who knows me dares say things like that to me...but if they did you would be able to hear a pin drop while anyone else in the room waited to see the verbal butt kicking that would ensue. How dare they ask for and take your generous...
Mothercat, No one is touting ignorance. I don't know of a single woman who flippantly decided, with no education or research to have a home birth. Not a one.  And to ASSUME that anyone here does that is insulting. There may actually be some woman out there who does...she may be some .00000000001 %. But you know what? She isn't who I am here for. SHE is responsible for HER, not you, not I and not the rest of the mamas here. And the rest of us should not be made to pay for...
Thanks everyone. I was able to procure some care and was able to have an ultrasound and all is well at 22 weeks. Everything looked good and we have a baby boy on the way. :) I appreciate the positive and helpful comments I had here. :)
Well that is why I originally brought this to light. I have been coming to MDC for 13 years through 3 pregnancies and children. I had been gone a long while as I was between the young years of #2's childhood and this pregnancy and just had drifted away. I came back a few months ago as I was pregnant with #3 and was SO SO SO SAD to see the lack of posting here from the HB community as well as this general negativity about it in many of the threads. It was honestly...
I have nightmares and daymares. My imagination just runs away with me. I seem to have an obsessional fear with having to birth a stillborn child. I think it has got to be the most awful horrid terrible thing a mother to be could ever have to go through and it scares the living bajeebus out of me. I have had 2 healthy happy full term babies and this is number three but for some reason this thought is always nagging at the edges of my brain. :(
It is so nice to know I am not the only one. I have horrible fears that get the better of me also. I try to distract myself or take deep breaths. It can get frustrating to feel like my common sense checked out and left me all upset and emotional.
My mother wanted to know if I was going to have my milk tested before I gave it to the baby to make sure it was ok.
I appreciate you looking into this Cynthia. For what it is worth I was not using the word troll in any other way than to refer to the very same behavior that the MDC forum rules do under the subheading "TROLLING". I used the word to describe the posting behavior not to childishly call names.
I am very glad to hear that he is very loving and the source lies in cultural differences. I'm sorry you are struggling with this. I will think good thoughts that you get some very good advice that helps you. I am sorry I don't have something better for you but there are a ton of great mama's here and if anyone has some practical advice that will help they will.
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