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Thanks everybody for sharing this special time with each other. I am so glad to have been able to participate on a board full of such wonderful women. I hope to 'see' you all in Life with a Babe!!
I try to get on my treadmill 3 times a week. It is tough to work out a good time, though. I feel so good after working out that all the effort is worth it! On my off days, I try to do some plain old sit-ups, push-ups and light weights with my arms. Just a quick tip...if you can swing a really part time job at the Y, your membership is free and you can upgrade to a family membership (for the free daycare) for a smallish amount of money. I did that when I had...
Me too, please!
My 3 older kids have all been sick recently (fever and colds, etc.) and fortunately our EBF little girl has not caught it from any of them, so I think nursing does do a lot to prevent our babies from catching most of the sicknesses around them. On the other hand, My older daughter had RSV at 3 weeks when she was a baby. She was also EBF, so it can happen. I'd just keep a close eye on your little one and know that you are doing everything you can to help her avoid...
For my first, I had high hopes to do the scrapbooking, baby book, etc. thing. Fortunately, he was a grumpy baby who left me no time to do any of that. I say fortunately because I feel like what I did for him would have to be done for my other children and I KNOW I don't have time now for all of that. What I do is try to keep up with my blog...someday I'll probably print it out for each of them. I also try to stay on top of taking photos and creating a slide show for...
Haven't updated here in a bit. The funny thing is that I am better about taking post baby belly pictures than I was with pre baby belly pictures! 2 weeks after baby 3 weeks after baby 4 weeks after baby Just throwing a picture of Paige in... I feel like things haven't changed that much in the last week. I would just like to get into ALL of my pre-pregnancy clothes...not just the select few that I have been wearing.
I'm so happy to say that Paige has no problem with bottles. My last would NOT take a bottle at all-ever! Paige doesn't seem to mind where the food comes from, as long as she can get to it! Now if I can only get more consistent with a pumping schedule!
Oh no! I hope it passes quickly and he is feeling better soon!
Thanks for the responses. It'll be interesting to see what this little girl's hair turns out to look like! Julia...I totally understand not knowing what to do with the hair when a baby has a lot of it. My first was bald (turned out to be a redhead), but my second had tons of hair. I didn't have a clue what to do with it! Her first pictures look horrible...her hair looks greasy!! I figured out afterwards that a baby brush does wonders!!
Yes, I know it can be normal, but Paige's hair is falling out in clumps. Out of my four babies, this is the only one who has lost hair after birth (one was bald, though, so I guess he doesn't count). For those with experience with baby hair loss, does the color usually change when it grows back in, is it the same, or is there no way to really predict what will come back in? I think I remember hearing of blond children who had dark hair at birth, but I would think that...
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