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Hi, My son also had gas when he was a couple of months old. At the time they gave them Mylacon.  It didn't work so he told me to give him fruit!  I did starting with pears and it worked beautifully, no more gas.  I was also breast feeding so I had a restricted diet. You know no broccoli, I wasn't a big dairy person, and other gassy foods.  Hope this helps:) 
Try feeding him foods that promote sleep right before bed, if you haven't already. Easy to google there has to be a physiological problem as to why he cant sleep.  Change drs if they aren't helping or at least ask for one of the other drs in the clinic for help.  Blood test might be in order.  I'm surprised Drs haven't figured it out by now.  There has to be studies why some children sleep beautifully and others struggle with it.
My mom never wanted us messing up her kitchen. We had home ec in school, ya Im old. I wish my mom had fostered my interest in cooking, which Im passionate about today, my life might have gone a better way. But i did learn and Im really good at it. Thanks to Rachel Ray and the food network.. i was a childcare provider for 30 yrs and taught my own children and the ones in my care how to love cooking. Today my grown children are great cooks but more they eat healthy...
I found the USDA link to this.  Hope it helps. http://www.fda.gov/Food/ResourcesForYou/Consumers/ucm199525.htm
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