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No I don't, but then again, I'm not finding anything sexy these days.
I just received a brand new engagement ring/wedding band for Christmas. The first one was a family heirloom that we eventually want to give to our son. When Dh proposed years ago, he always told me that this ring was on loan so to speak until we could afford to buy one ourselves. Almost 9 years later he buys me the greatest gift. It meant so much more to me because he picked it out himself. I always wondered what he would of chosen for me. Now I know and I LOVE IT! ...
One of our cats stays in the garage, the other is allowed outside. If she's not. All hell breaks loose. She is the LOUDEST cat I have ever known. She will scream until she is let out. She will come back into the garage for the night and to eat. They aren't allowed in the house anymore because of my severe allergies.
He was born on Friday. He was due on Tuesday though.
That's how I was born! Not at home, but my Mom always told me the story of going to the restroom in the hospital and seeing my foot hanging out! So cool. I always wondered what it might have looked like. She did it without drugs. Amazing
We have white cabinetry that we painted when we moved in. It was a yucky wood and we hated the color so we painted it to brighten it up. We love it. Here's a pic. Of course if we had the money we'd re-do the counter tops, but this is perfect for us right now. We are also throwing around the idea of adding hardware to the cabinets (ie drawer and door pulls) Kitchen pics
I had heard the exact opposite. That girls were more challenging. This was coming from everyone I knew who had girls. Anyway. I have a little boy and he's the sweetest thing ever.
Black people do not scare me. What scares me are the super aggressive homeless people that harrass me for money then follow me and yell vulgar things at me when I don't give it to them.
He said Mama a few times, but I think I pushed it too much. He stopped saying it. I'm not sure if I should count that as a first word. I'm wondering what the definition of a first word is. I try not to pay attention to the milestone thing. He's coming along. I think maybe a little slower, but that's just me. From what my mom tells me, I did things way in advance. He loves his doggy, the sun rises and sets by her. We brought one of the cats in the house so he...
New Posts  All Forums: