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I am also really interested in having my baby there. I seems that you must have already had your baby. Did you end up having it at the Farm? 4500 is more than I have heard, was that for a normal delivery or Breech?
Fingers crossed on The Farm! I haven't called yet but I am hoping I can have the baby there!
Living here has been interesting. The air is horrible though, which is why I will be home in ATL for the majority of my pregnancy. No, we aren't teaching, we moved here for my husband's IT job and I am working in recruitment...although getting an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy. 
I agree with you. I am going to get one, just to check and make sure all is well around 16-20 weeks. That is going to be the only one though since they have not been approved for pregnancy, as you mentioned. 
Ours was a surprise too although this is a baby #1 surprise :)
I can't believe I haven't craved anything yet. Just feeling a little quesy in the morning. I have had 2-3 cups of coffee every day since I was 16 and I don't even crave coffee after cutting it out cold turkey. I am shocked. 
Just found out last week that I am pregnant with my first child. I think it's a girl but we won't know for sure until delivery time. I am planning on having a natural birth at The Farm in Tennessee. I am 24, married for 2 years and currently living in Beijing. We moved here from Atlanta in our first year of marriage and planned to stay here until late 2013. At this point, I will be moving back this Christmas and my husband will still be moving back next Christmas, unless...
Good luck to you as well :)
Hi, I am really considering birth on The Farm, because it seems wonderful but I have BCBS Georgia and they said they only cover OB's. So you just pushed the claim through and the finally covered some of it? That's good to know!
Hi all. I just found out that I am in my 3rd week post conception. I have been charting for a little more than 6 months and have always had a very short luteal phase. So...after passing the 10 day mark and then the 11..12..13..14..15..16...I couldn't wait anymore. I went out and got a PT and it was positive! We weren't planning to starting trying until next June or July (the babies due date is roughly 6/26, our wedding anniversary) because we are currently expats living...
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