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If I were you with all of the symptoms that you get when you eat gluten and plus you are positive for the celiac gene, I would live my life as a celiac which means eating a strict gluten free diet and making sure of no cross contamination as well. Because any little bit of gluten that you digest can not only give you symptoms but it can cause more problems for you internally. People that just go gluten-free without making sure they have celiac or don't do the genetic...
My daughter is 11years old and was diagnosed almost 3 years ago. I've been hearing alot of people going on a gluten free trial after being tested negative for celiac. Maybe you're gluten intolerant/sensitive. Has your doctor mention this to you before? The problem is if you continue this gluten free diet, you'll always test negative for celiac which means you'll never know if you have it or not. Maybe you can get genetic testing done to see if you carry the gene and that...
My 10year old daughter has Celiac Disease and we wen to a formal sweet 16. I didn't let the host know about my daughter's special diet. I instead brought food for her and the matridee put it in the microwave for her.   check out my blog: www.glutenfreealie.com
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