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My latest favorite thing is being able to nurse my very active infant at a sightseeing trip without stopping the whole family. Happy baby, happy mama.
Hi, I work full time and was able to provide EBM to my daughter with my old Medela PIS. My beloved pump is dying and the only options I could find if I want insurance to pay for the new pump are: 1) Evenflo dual 2) Avent Dual (they said its hospital grade but I suspect its Isis dual) 3) Medela swing single. I know I definetly need a dual. Any reviews or recommendations on Avent or Evenflo? Should I just pay out of pocket and get Medela (I'm so used to it and get nervous...
Are there any other suggestions? Would room sharing help with her getting into deep sleep faster? How do you change from cosleeping to room sharing? Any method for a less bumpy transfer?
Thanks for the reply LitMom. Arrival of the baby really threw us off with my son. And with the baby, i was able to do what you suggested when she was younger (as if she is ver old now ) but she would be too alert to sleep when life is going around her. Getting her to fall asleep upstairs when she knows we have company downstairs is even difficult. I'm in for it for another 8+ years aren't I.
I have an 8 year old son whom we're still cosleeping with. With the new baby, I started sleeping with her in her room because 1-our bed is not big enough 2- I don't trust that a family bed would be safe since my son is a wild sleeper. But more troubling issue is that baby just started a new habit, she feels and wakes up if i leave the room. It takes her forever to go into a deep sleep anyway. This means that I have to go to bed when she does. I can't spend enough time with...
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